Bait and Switch

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USS Sheppard
Bait and Switch
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP212
*Initiated: 180621
*Ended: Completed
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: Bait and Switch
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: Bait and Switch Chat log


Captain’s Log, stardate 180620

Repairs to the ship are, for the most part, complete. The warp core has been brought back online after repairs were complete and the hull breach has been sealed. It still poses a weakness but we can’t return to space dock yet. That mine caused additional damage to our navigational deflector dish. We don’t have full warp capabilities but should still be able to outrun any Karutak ship. The two days it took to make the repairs allowed the Kartuak frigates to move past sensor range. We tracked them as far as we could and were able to plot a few possible star systems they might be headed towards. We were approaching the nearest when we received a distress call from a Neribou colony in the Zatvora System. Apparently the Karutak are attacking. The message was cut off so we couldn’t get details. I have ordered the Sheppard there at full warp. We should arrive in a few hours. I have a bad feeling about this.

Computer, end log.

Crew participation

Sheppard Crew

Cmdr. Rich Lombardia Cmdr. Colin Nemeth Lt. jg. Emmy Lombardia Lt. jg Talon Silvercloud Cadet Zack Starbinder


Kelly Geist (notyourchic Resident) Gilbert Buchanan (GilbertBuchanan Resident) Eboneezer Franklyn (Eboneezer Resident) Mielekki (Kat Carnot) Khazgho Zen (KhazghoZen Resident)


Nora Gerhadsen Maximilian -Max- Pilumnus (Maxamillineum Resident)


Captain Log, Stardate 180625

Its over. The conflict between the Federation and the Karutak is finally over. Although the Sheppard never made it to the Maxwell, we received word of a massive engagement involving a fleet of Federation vessels. I don’t have details yet, but I can only hope the casualties were light but knowing our former enemy, it seems unlikely.

Our end game with the Karutak was eventful. We thought we were responding to a call for aid from the Neribou but in reality, it was a trap to lure us to their planet were Karutak Forces were eager to end us. Several ships tried to take the Sheppard in orbit, but she managed to fight them off. I have written a commendation for [Officer Lt. Straw], who had command during the space engagement. We lost 11 during the ground engagement and ended fortifying a building at the spaceport. With few options left, I tried to challenge the Alpha to a one on one duel. The Beta stepped in and killed the Alpha before we could fight. Shortly after, the Sheppard contacted us to say the conflict was over. I ordered the Sheppard to render aid to any Karutak ships in need.

I received the total casualty count from medical today. We left spacedock with 97 souls aboard, 30 of which were cadets. We are returning with 71 crewmembers, 25 of which are cadets. We also have several injuries that vary from mild to severe. Operations is having a touch time with the rotation schedule. The trip back to the SS Peedy Thor by warp speed will take approximately 3 months. I am hoping this time is relatively uneventful.

Computer, end log.


Crew Reports

Dr. Emerald Lombardia Report

The Sheppard received a distress call from a Neribou colony that was under attack by the Karutak. Upon our arrival we were engaged in battle with the Karutak. There were causalities on both sides, as the fighting took place. Our team finally was able to take cover in a building which was surrounded by the Karutak. We were safe as long as we stayed in the building, but not knowing how long we would be able to hold this position, Commander Lombardia had a plan to go out and confront the Karutak leader one on one. Before a battle could ensue, the second in command of the Karutak killed their leader. Once this happened, an agreement was made to be peaceful to one another, hopefully this will last.