Bag of Tricks

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MoirRP02 – Bag of Tricks


Captain’s Log, stardate 180924

Only here a short period of time and we already encountered something out of the ordinary. We found what appeared to be an escape pod that seemed to appear from anomaly. It was unlike anything we have encountered in the past. The material was unregistered in our data banks and there was a previously unencountered life form inside.

It appeared to be in cryogenic suspension and was relocated to the sick bay once it was freed. The pod itself had self-destruct and we managed to beam it off with only minor damage. To our surprise there was a PADD of sorts three suspicious vials. The PADD is encrypted and the vials have been taken to the lab for testing. We only have a few more hours left to collect our data then its homeward bound.

Computer, end log.

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Fema Firefrick Colin Nemeth Gabbi Santana Bing Kronos Launce Kolbey Kes Ellison Emmy Lombardia Talena Constantine

Guests Kermie Mistwallow


Captain’s Log,

Things have taken a turn for the worst. Our guest ended up waking up and identified himself as Dr. H’taed of the Lamogran Imperium. We haven’t heard of them before, so it appears this is our first contact. He stated he was a survivor and carrying a rare and dangerous virus. Meanwhile on the bridge, sensors detected an organic object in space. Communications picked up a strange cooing sound. As we attempted to make contact and gather information, the object suddenly came at us and exploded. We managed to maneuver out of the way but still took a bad hit. One of the crew was lost to space with a hull breech. That organic mine seemed to disable us. Propulsion, communications and sensors were offline. The crew rushed to handle the situation and get us back online. We lost contact with our science officer and went to investigate. We found him laying dead on the floor of the science lab. The vial containing the virus were broken, seemingly from the inside. Our guest Dr. H’taed stated he was working on a cure previously and if the virus escaped to the life support system then the entire crew was at risk. He offered to use the lab to continue his work. Although some of the crew were against it I didn’t see an alternative.

Computer, End log.


Ensign McDunner Log Repairs coming along got the warp drive working started for home but got a signal from some organic source we were ordered to check out. Got within range and blasted thing started for us , tried to stay out of its range but it closed and exploded causing much damage. Got busy helping a couple crew men from engineering in repairing a haul breach in the port crew quarters.