A Place Forgotten

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A Place Forgotten
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP064
*Initiated: 110514
*Ended: 110514
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: A Place Forgotten
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: April Coswell

Hair-raising happenings are at hand when the crew explore a station strange people appear and vanish into thin air and the combadges broadcast unknown and taunting voices.


Second Officer's log - Stardate 110514

The Sheppard has been escorting a medical convoy for the past 3 days after delivering medical aid to the Rechtan colony world, and we are on our way back to rejoin the Luranza and the rest of the of our current defacto fleet. Captain Dwi and Cmdr Odriscoll are currently on voluntary medical rest after contracting a strain of the mutagenic virus as we left the Retchan colony. As such, I am currently in command of the Sheppard until they return. It has been slow travelling given the maximum speed of the medical transports. As such, we've made a course correction to try and cut our travel time. It will also allow our science department to chart a bit more of the Midgar sector, something they haven't had the opportunity to do in some time.

We have noticed something odd in the last couple hours. We started picking up a strange subspace message...as of yet, we haven't been able to make head or tail of the language, but we we did find a source. A previously uncharted star system appeared on sensors, seemingly after we detected the signal. No M class planets to speak of, but we did detect a station. We've decided to divert to investigate.

End Log.


As the Sheppard entered the system the mysterious transmission had originated from, scans showed a Class-M planet with a small station in orbit. When the ship approached transporter range, it started experiencing several malfunctions and power failures. Lieutenant Commander Jess Hamelin ordered two shuttles prepared and away teams were sent to investigate the station.

Once on the station, the away teams experienced systems and equipment malfunctions - tricorders showing no lifesigns, and combadges broadcasting messages by mocking voices that seemed to come out of nowhere - and the crew began seeing people who, when approached, vanished into thin air.

Events took an alarming turn when Lieutenant Commander Hamelin and Lieutenant Kainin McDonnell were personally affected: whatever was causing the malfunctions tapped into their implants and attempted seized control of the two officers. Once the crew had made their way into a room that harbored a power source of some kind, Lieutenant Commander Hamelin suddenly became rigid and began channeling a being who stated that she was part of a group called the Guided. She claimed that part of her people had lost their way and that because of this, the group as a whole had to die. The being urged Lieutenant April Coswell to disconnect the power core and told her that the away team had five minutes to get back to Sheppard while the Guided initiated the destruction of the core, which would in turn destroy the system. As Lieutenant Coswell pressed for more information, the being promised to deposit all the information needed about the Guided within Lt. Commander Hamelin's memory.

After the being had left Lt. Commander Hamelin, the away team made its way back safely and the Sheppard went to warp shortly before the station exploded.


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