180114 - What's happening on Kelso

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180114 What’s Hidden on Kelso Location Orbiting Kelso

  • Captains Log:

We have spent several weeks scanning the lush planet known as Kelso, No Intelligence greater then animal has been found however signs of a once population does exist. In fact, our reports go back to saying the planet did in fact have intelligent life. The USS Neptune a Science vessel had made reports on that very fact.

Command has given us the ok to go and physically check out the planet seeing nothing that would violate the Prime Directive in this. If however we do find intelligent life we are expected to catalog and make as little indent on the planet as possible. I’ll be sending A team down to further investigate the planet. This is the part that is always difficult to put things in motion and sit back to see the results.

F.Cpt Cordova Marabana CO of the USS Sheppard

  • Engineering Report:

== Individual Reports ==Italic text Away Team landed via Shuttlecraft .1537 hrs. Security team set perimeter. Ships scans reported an energy field emanating several hundred yards NE from landing site. Personal scanners showed no signs of life. After short march in direction of energy emission's my engineering Tri-Corder detected an small above ground structure. It scanned to be built from native rock and soil covered with local vegetation. Physical inspection discovered an semi-ornate door-less stone opening leading into an single empty room approx. the size of a small dwelling. Other than 2 humanoid skeletons laying just inside the opening, No technology, furnishings or any evidence of habitation was detected.

It was then the arachnid type creatures appeared and seem to attack both by ground and air. The attack was broken up by phaser fire with the XO receiving moderate injuries by some form of stinger. He was evacuated to the shuttle. Wither the attack was by design, defense or random has yet to be determined. The away team attempted to continue research but was recalled to the shuttle after several minutes as the Captain arrived on scene. Reports were given and all personal returned to the Ship.

== Conclusion ==Italic text The structure found with two humanoid skeletons laid out in some ritualistic way implies it was possibly an abandoned temple or crypt of some ancient type yet to be determined. The fact the Arachnids did not attack until the structure was entered may or may not have some significance. Further investigation is warranted.


In service Rank: Ensign Name: Fema Firefrick

Marine Report:

Observations of the mission:Italic text

After we had been prepared on board the USS Sheppard to explore Planet Kelso -We had a shooting practice, a medical checkup, and a drill, with practicing procedures of Away Teams Rules-, the captain asked that we make up a landing team to explore the Kelso Planet.

Where we know there are several caverns that we must explore, because there was no intelligence greater then animal has been found, when we had reports that eleven a population did exist.

The Away Team was integrated with Senior Officers from every department of the Starship mostly. CO asked me to pilot to UFS Shuttle Pod Type 7, to drive the Away Team into Planet Kelso surface, as there were problems with the planet atmosphere that could cause anomalies on the operation of beaming transporters on the ship.

Atmosphere was not secure, so we could be contaminated by landing on Shuttle (we must remember Beam Transporters have a Bio filter that stops any danger of biological contamination, and we could directly carry it back) breathing mask to avoid contagious sickness on surface.

As we boarded the Shuttle, I left the Shuttle Bay and drive the pod to the surface with all the Away Team. When we landed, after checking all proceedings to really open the hatch to go outside, we began following the marks and signs of Science Chief's Tricorder.

As we walked, we found some ruins in a little cave by the lake. I was checking and securing the place, when a flock of aliens began to attack us. Science Chief, Commander Indy, XO Bomazi and I got injured. We got back to the shuttle where we were attended by Combat Nurse Lane.

CO Marabana decided to land too using a fast Shuttle Type 9, to help us. We decided to do in some other time trying to explore the place, after we come back to ship to be healed. With one arm wounded, I pilot the Shuttle Pod Type 7 back to the ship, carrying on board our crew hard wounded.


USS Sheppard explores Planet Kelso by sending to surface a Away Team to search for Intelligent Life traces, once reported by other previous explorers in the sector. The first attempt to land and explore fails as away team is attacked by aggressive alien lifeforms. Signed: Kentaurus Carpaccio (T'Amar) Marine Captain Acting Chief of Operations

  • Conclusion:

The creatures of the planet turned out to be more of an issue then we planned. We will need to regroup and find another way to approach our investigation without making too much of an impact on the planet life itself.

  • Medical Report:

XO Jim Bomazi Laceration and blood loss

Captain Indy Firelight Sickness Doesn’t appear to be of planet after a couple nights of recovery appears to be fine.

Science Chief Araulay Coronet No issues that we could find but considering her ability to adapt it’s not surprising.

Engineering Chief Ravyn Stormchyld no injuries found.

Engineer Fema Firefrick no injuries found

MCAPT Kentaurus Carpaccio (T’Amar) Broken arm, was reset and rapid healing engaged she should be mission ready in 1 week.

Marine Sergent Nurse Lane: Suffered blood loss from lacerations and some internal bleeding. Treatment was rendered by EMH when she returned to ship.

Signed EMH Program Sheppard Ship