140302 - Bone Again

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Bone Again
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Logs
*Production number: SHEP20
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: Captain's Log
*SIM Concept: Cordova Marabana
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Sheppard Mission Log


Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 140302

Report submitted by: Cordova Marabana

Subject: USS Sheppard Mission log

Mission log,

We have slipped into a hole in the badlands as plasma fires rage around us.

Yet around this nightmarishly beautiful space sits a Frozen planet.

How could there possibly something so frozen out here where there is nothing but fiery death?

Is this one of the places we need to go

I wonder what I'm getting my crew into and if we will manage to get back. My ship is already suffering from damages getting here. Will we find a way out?

Captain Cordova Marabana End Log

Report submitted by: <Cordova Marabana>

Commanding Officer

Sector 001