The Search for Spock Expanded Soundtrack 2010

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Another new director, same composer. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Expanding and developing the themes he created for TWOK, James Horner presents a soundtrack that does far more than just rehash the best bits. Less bombastic, this perfectly fits the tone of the film which is more character led, than action. It begins sombre, melancholic, underlaying the grief at the loss of Spock brillantly illustrated in the cue "Spock's cabin"

The score, as does the film, then goes up a gear with the brilliant "Stealing the Enterprise" A near 10 minute sequence (which is essentially a starship reversing) has an almost mischievous energy. It's a cue that is as good to listen to without the images, and you'll have a smile at its conclusion as our heroes get underway. However, this doesn't mean the music suddenly becomes all action, it retains the sombre elements, the music that accompanies the encounter with the Bird of Prey is moody, dangerous, Horner's klingon theme alternating with the heroes until that short lived moment of triumph. Wonderful stuff.

Standout cues for me are the aforementioned "Stealing the Enterprise" and "The Mind Meld" which underscores the scene between Kirk and Sarek. Mysterious, moving. Just a couple of treasures from this wonderful score to an underrated film.

This restored release from 2010 has 2 discs, one has the complete score from the film (including the background music from Dr McCoy's trip to the bar), the other the original 1984 album which features some different arrangements.

Highly recommended - Five bars of Latinum
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How can you have a Yellow Alert in spacedock?

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