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Star Trek Double Helix Series

Posted: 180729.1014
by MilesPrower Dagger
The Double Helix series is set of novels that crosses several years of Star Trek. The main central focus of all the books centers on curing a disease that springs up in various locations over the course of the books.

Overall I give the series three out of five bars of Latinum. :isolinearchip3: :isolinearchip3: :isolinearchip3:

I don't want to give spoilers so here is my general review. The reason is some of the books to me are excellent, they give life to a few lesser know characters and times in the series. The stories are great and fun to read, the reason I rate it 3 out of 5 is that while some of the books pull you in, 1,2 and 6 are those for me, there are a few that to me are not as enjoyable or catchy. I do recommend them for a good casual read.