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SS Pendy Thor - Operation Officer Duty Log

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Operations - Lieutenant JG
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Begin recording

Stardate 191119

After graduating from UFS Academy, I received my assignment at SS Peedy Thor Station, I am very proud to finally belong to the United Federation Starfleet community.

At my arrival, I was very well received by the Command team of the station. We had a meeting everyone presented themselve so we get to know each other better.

First day at my post, I have the duty to make sure that all the console works perfectly, while checking the communication console, I made several calls to the USS Goddard but I did not get any answer. So I checked if all the long distance communication equipment worked well, everything seemed to be fine but still no answer. After some time and after trying several things to correct the problem. I finally got in touch with the USS Goddard.

After communicating with the USS Goddard, I told Lt Cmdr Rowena the trouble I had noticed, she asked me to warn the engineers to do a check of the communication equipment

I immediately went to the engineering office and asked them to review the entire communication system to make sure we were ready for the grand opening of the SS Peedy Thor station.

Personal note:
-- I hope to do my best to get the Station up and running as quickly as possible.

- I wish Lt Cmdr rowena appreciates my work and that i can stand out from my colleagues.

End recording
Lieutenant JG Darktiger Silverfall ( Tiger )
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