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Personal Log - Lt Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose

Posted: 190609.0900
by 3249Rowena
Computer begin recording,

Wow, what a week!

Thought things would calm down after the commissioning, but just proves how wrong I can be at times.

Started with the message waiting when I woke up, "All Starfleet Personnel to report to Quatermasters Office for new uniform" There'd been rumours going round for ages, didn't pay much attention to them. I mean so much other stuff to deal with lately.

They are so cool! Love the class B and Dress uniform. Never had a special one for formal occasions before. Moment I got back to my quarters I'm posing and sending pictures back to my parents. What am I, a teen?! act your age Row!

Of course, there's a sting in the tale. Reported for duty and what was it, an inspection! argh!!!. Hate those!!
Really felt awkward having the Commodore come down the line whilst I'm thinking: is my hair tidy? boots clean? is he going to ask me any questions? did I spill any lunch down my jacket?

The boss didn't say anything so must have gone alright. Phew!

Any, gotta go, duty calls,

End recording.