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SS Peedy Thor - Operations Log

Posted: 190525.1553
by 3249Rowena
Computer begin recording,

Not long now until the big day, still so much to be done. What we have so far...

It would be great if as many of the crew could attend the commissioning ceremony, but we're still a fully operational base. So I need to make sure the day to day operations remain unaffected by the festivities. I was thinking of reaching out to the fleet asking if they could provide some personnel to relieve ours so they could attend, but everyone is shorthanded as it is. I cant do that so afraid some people will be disappointed, but that's how it is. This is Starfleet, not a leisure cruise.

That said, there will be no commercial docking taking place through the duration of the ceremony and for around 4 hours beforehand. Unless its an emergency, all ships will be held at the outer marker. best safe than sorry especially after all the times our facility on Pinastri has been attacked.

Full system diagnostics are being brought forward to make sure everything is optimal. Don't want the lights to go out do we. Security systems are being given priority for obvious reasons.

Evacuation protocols are being refreshed and a simulation is planned to take place no later than Tuesday the week before the ceremony. The Goddard will remain powered up with a skeleton crew from 2200hrs the day before.

Security want additional booths and tricorders to run weapons scans on the expected increase of personnel we're going to be getting. Some areas of the base will also be restricted, we must allow for the additional pressure on the power grid of the extra security fields and transporter dampeners.

*yawns* that's all I can think of right now, I expect more will come to mind. The XO will surely have some additional concerns when I send this in a status report later. Time to turn in.

End recording.