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SS Peedy Thor - Intelligence Logs

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic

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A pale green light flashes on a nearby console, causing Safiya to slowly open her eyes and look up. "Information retrieval complete...standby" She yawns and rises up, crossing the room to stand in front of the replicator. "Coffee, cream..double sugar," she says quietly.

She shakes her head, listening to the internal voices in her head. They continue to argue and talk to her, but...she has learned to ignore them and move forward.

Getting her coffee, she makes her way to the console in her quarters, sitting down to double check the request. The information flows to her terminal...the information about the infection that had caused Commodore Mistwallow to be confined to the Thunderbird Sickbay. She uses her encryption and sends the file directly to the Commodore.

More information flows across her screen...downloaded from her glasses. She silently thanks the Chief Engineer aboard the Thunderbird for hir "ingenuity" for uploading the information directly to her console for future use.

She scans back to more information, pulling up information that seems to date back to Academy times for Command officers, including some horseplay that caused injury to the Commodore. She chuckles, an internal voice telling her that cadets like that would have been seriously reprimanded in their time.

Setting more parameters into the console, she rises and gets dressed into something comfortable. She exits her quarters, making her way to a holodeck. "Computer, run Reah Tyrira 4...archeology dig site 3." She waits for the computer to beep in acknowledgment before she enters the room and the door slides closed behind her.

She makes her way through the ruins of the pyramid, finding where Denek is working. A voice in her head asks her why she wants to relieve this again and again. She ignores it and sets the holodeck in motion.

An hour goes by before the ground shakes and the pyramid starts to crumble around her, pinning Denek under a large stone. "Computer Pause." It beeps, stopping the motion. She looks down, Denek Reah on the brink of death. "Computer...did the records from the archeology team state any reason for the ground to shake and cause the pyramid to break apart?" She waits. "Negative...there was no known reason why the earthquake happened." She turns her head, gazing around. "Computer...were there any scientific data devices around that were not focused on the actual archeology team and the dig site?" She continues to look. "There were 22 different scientific devices around the location, some of them on different locations around the dig site."

She shakes her head. "Computer...playback 45 minutes prior. Replace my physical being with my younger self from the dig records." She steps back and takes a deep breath as a younger version of herself materialize. She takes a huge step back and takes a deep breath. "Computer...resume play."

She watches the scene play out, watching her energetic young self work beside Denek Reah...and watches as the building collapses. "Computer Pause playback." The scene pauses. "Computer...rewind playback 5 minutes...enhance sounds from my left." She watches as the playback moves backwards and beeps. "She shakes her head, turning to look to her left. "Resume Playback."

The scene starts to play to her right...her attention focused directly on where she had heard something strange. At the exact moment of strange sound...she pauses the playback and starts her own exploration.

The sand is starting to shift as she walks down a corridor that was, by all exploration, stable. She raises her hand to her glasses, flicking a button on the side. Immediately, a display starts readouts in front of her vision. She moves slowly, eyes checking everything.

As she turns a corner, she takes a deep breath. "Computer...identify individual hovered over data device in the corridor." The computer beeps. "The person is Commodore Kermie Mistwallow." Safiya shakes her head. "Impossible." Taking a deep breath she moves forward. "Rewind Playback 5 minutes...and resume."

To her dismay, she watches as the figure that looks like Commodore Mistwallow...a long scar winding down his forehead and cheek...sneaks into the dig site and starts to fiddle with the data device, not realizing that another device is nearby. He raises his hand to his mouth, speaking quietly into it, tugging the black clothing to hide his features. He clicks something on the data device and turns, teleporting away moments before the device explodes and causes the site to collapse and crumble.

"Computer stop playback and save at this moment. Send all relevant data from nearby devices to my console...personal encryption...and end program."

She watches as the yellow and black grid of the holodeck replaces the archaeological dig site. She exits the holodeck, quickly returning to her quarters to go through the information.
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