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Personal log - Lt Vandread-Rose

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Command - Commander
Command - Commander
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Computer begin recording,

It's been a long time and not really the circumstances I thought it would be, but must always lead by example. Had to bring my EVA suit out of storage, funny never thought I'd need it planetside, anyway didnt want to rely on one off the shelf.

Not for this job

Lead by example. The two ensigns helped me on with the gear, checking the connections were sealed and everything was functioning properly. I gave one what I hoped was a confident grin as the helmet was lowered and the suit sealed tight. Not sure he bought it. I can understand, next time he might be the one doing this job (in fact he is, I submitted the duty roster to the XO before going off duty)

It's a funny feeling being in one of those suits. No matter where you are, practicing in a holodeck (note to self, check the zero-g enablers on the Hdeck, my backs still a little sore from that last fall) there's always that little fission of fear as you realise, even though you have a comm, you are alone. Just the sound of your breathing.
Nevertheless I do miss the days when I could sneak out the airlock and just sit on the outer hull and gaze out across the stars.

Anyway, after doing the comm check, checking lifesupport etc was online. I was ready. I hooked up the tether to the rail and one of the Ensigns handed me the case with the tools in.

Deep breath. Lead by example.

I gave a thumbs up and the Ensigns moved back to where I had told them was a safe distance yet was close enough to pull me out if I had difficulty.

Deep breath

I opened the door and with my case of cleaning supplies entered the CO's office...….
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