SS Peedy Thor - Computer Operations Duty Log

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Stardate 190523.134

Begin Duty Log

It's been so long since I've done a log, I'm not sure where to begin.

The other day was interesting. I found all of my pet tribbles. They are now housed under the bed at home. I can't say how long they'll be there or when the sweet furry cooing will be noticed.

I did find them in Engineering when we were called down there to fix their computers. darn them. We pulled a bunch of baby tribbles out of the consoles. I don't know how they got there. Probably Eddie's fault… AGAIN!

Next up is to place the horga'hn in Commodore Mistwallow's office and the Tribble Cage in the XO's office…there's other stuff I have to place to liven up PT, but that's a secret for now.

*eyes shift left and right* That's all for now.

Log out
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