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SS Peedy Thor- Intelligence Office Reports

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Phoenix Finistair
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Intelligence - Commander
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SS Peedy Thor
Intel Report

It's been a quiet day for Intel. Almost too quiet. I feel like something might be brewing, but the chatter I've been monitoring is almost nonexistent. I've grown quite good at listening "between the lines" as they say, but I can't pick up on anything. It's a bit unnerving, if I'm being honest. I will keep my ear to the ground.

Federation-wise, the reports I'm receiving are fairly standard. Nothing amiss there. By the book, of course, how else would it be?

In regards to the station, there was only one event that was abnormal, severity unknown until further details emerge.
Sitting in my office, I picked up a small fluctuation in the conference room of all places. Upon investigation, a small spying device (my best guess at the moment), was nearly buried into the center of the table. Almost unnoticeable. Thank the divines for tricorders, it would have been missed without it. Further scanning revealed no other devices on the Ops deck.

I have sent the device to the XO as I have no knowledge of the origin of the tracking device. How did it get on the station? More importantly... who put it there, and what were they after? In the meantime, I will get in touch with security to see if anything strange has gone on for them. Let's hope it was just someone trying to catch one of the CO's stories. End log. *Quiet laughter before the computer stops recording.*
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