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Medical Duty Logs Draco Dimanovic - Cease and Disease Part 2

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Draco Dimanovic
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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Ship/Station Posted: SS Peedy Thor
Grid: Second Life Grid
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Draco walked into the Sickbay office aboard the SS Peedy Thor, his medical kit case in his left hand. Sliding it across the desk, he opened it and took out his tricorder and placed it beside the desk terminal.
“Computer, replicate strong, English tea with a splash of milk and a single teaspoon of sugar. Piping hot, please…” he ordered, sitting in the chair behind the desk.

“And begin Medical Duty Log… Ensign Draco Dimanovic, Medical Officer aboard SS Peedy Thor. All information herein is to be restricted to those with medical and higher command privileges. Also included are the tricorder readings and blood sample analysis of the patient, Orion male, Commodore Kermie Mistwallow.”

As the data uploaded, Draco sipped his drink and took a PADD of notes from his kit and scanned them before speaking again.

“I and Commander William Greymoon took over the treatment of the Commodore from the Thunderbird medical team. The complexion of the patient was still pale and he also had a high fever. We administered pain medication, took blood samples and methodically went through records in search of a treatment. The crew who were with the Commodore prior to his rapid decline reported that no signs of pain were visible, only a change in complexion before he slipped into unconsciousness.

Symptoms started after coming into contact with a body which had been beamed aboard the USS Thunderbird from a derelict freighter. Transporter fail-safes and internal ship sensors both didn’t detect any anomalies, however, upon further investigation of transporter logs, I have concluded the body from the freighter is likely a marvellous feat of medical engineering, because several species DNA were present, I am currently running tests in the science lab to determine a full list of species that are present.

Same can be said of the virus itself, almost certainly engineered. Most likely tailored toward Orions as a species rather than Commodore Mistwallow personally. More study will soon give a definitive answer. At first glance though, the virus’ composition seems to be a melting pot of diseases, the main culprits being Orion Blood Fever and Rigellian Fever. In the short term, we can try and treat those diseases in the hope it will decrease current symptoms while we attempt to decode this complex case. Further additions to this log will be added in the event of further breakthroughs.”
Captain Draco Dimanovic
Commanding Officer | SS Peedy Thor
Vice Chief of Staff - UFS
Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commander - UFS
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