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Personal Logs - Draco Dimanovic

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic

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Draco Dimanovic
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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Ship/Station Posted: SS Peedy Thor
Grid: Second Life Grid
Location: England, United Kingdom
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Draco stepped into his new quarters aboard the SS Peedy Thor, his kit bag slung over his right shoulder, dropping it down just inside the door with a thud and relieved sigh.
“Computer, replicate strong, English tea with a splash of milk and a single teaspoon of sugar. Piping hot, please…” he ordered, sagging into chair nearest the food replicator.

“And start Personal Log…”

The chirps of compliance came back instantly as the doctor surveyed his new surroundings, reaching out to grab the mug of tea that had materialised there. Lights in the room were off, it was dark and the hour was late. Travelling to Starfleet Academy felt like it had taken ages but Draco suspected it hadn’t taken longer than it should.

“You may begin when ready…” the computer sang as he carefully sipped his drink and tried to relax more into the chair before beginning to speak. The words fell from his mouth more shakily than intended as anxiety crept in.

“Well family, I just arrived, aboard a transport craft to the Peedy Thor. It’s bigger than I imagined… Scarily so… It has been so long since I’ve been this nervous about something. Everyone I’ve come across up to now has been too busy to even stop and give me directions. Admittedly, it is very late here and I have only seen a handful of the people. They all must be very busy working, socialising or whatever, ”

Draco paused momentarily to try and get the nervousness from his voice before it developed into a full-blown panic attack, adding with a tone of acceptance, “To my darling wife Kennzey, You were right, I should never have taken that long to decide I was going to do this, what if my instincts are dulled because of it?”

Glancing around the room once more, the realization set in. Lives were going to be in his hands again, after years of tedious daily repetition. Was he still able to handle that kind of responsibility? Or had he forgotten everything he’d worked so hard to achieve?

“What did I gain from that role? What do I have to show for it? Yes I have a family and I love you both dearly but where would I be if I hadn’t delayed applying ” he asked into the darkness, sitting forward and clutching the mug between both hands. Dimanovic sighed as no reply came, he already knew the answer…

“Not a darn thing!” he continued, inwardly cursing himself.

“I may have lost my edge, wasted years of my career just delaying! What in the world was I thinking… But I won’t know for sure until it really matters, that’s the scary part.”

“Computer, end dictation, encrypt and send copies to my wife and father,” Draco said, hoping at least one or hopefully both, would reach out to him. Until then though, he was going to take a shower and try to sleep before reporting in but he was doubtful sleep would come soon, if at all.
Captain Draco Dimanovic
Commanding Officer | SS Peedy Thor
Vice Chief of Staff - UFS
Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commander - UFS
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