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Personal Log - Zia Vaniva

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Zia Vaniva
Medical - Lt Commander
Medical - Lt Commander
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Ship/Station Posted: Unknown
Grid: Second Life


*struggles along the corridor with a bag slung over one shoulder and a box in her arms. She stops outside a door and checks the number on it against the number on her PADD, which by now is perilously perched on the top of the box and being held in place partly by her chin. After a bit of squinting and shoogling she sees that the numbers match so she hits the access panel with her elbow and makes her way inside. Once in she places the box in the table and slings the bag to the floor, rubbing her aching shoulders and sinking gratefully to the soft couch*

Computer transfer all access command codes for Lt Commander, Zia Vaniva to these quarters and set door protocols to my authorisation only.

*Computer beeps "Access codes have been transferred, security protocols have been set" Beeps*

Open file Vaniva Three and begin new personal log. *Computer beeps*

===Begin Log===

Dr. Zia Vaniva, Lieutenant Commander, Personal Log, Stardate 180511.2214...

I don't really know where to begin, except to say how odd if feels to be back on a Starfleet station. After spending years back home on Trill I really didn't ever expect to be back in uniform, let alone find myself stationed in the Delta Quadrant.

*She unconsciously plays with the pips on her collar, feeling each of them in turn*

My rank was reinstated today, and I collected by new uniform from the Quartermaster. It's a little different from the last one I wore, but I was amazed to find how familiar it felt to be back in medical teal. In some ways it feels like I never left, and yet so much is different now... so many things to reacquaint myself with.

*Zia moves to the window and stares out into space for a moment, sifting through a deluge of memories before continuing*

I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead and to working closely with my new colleagues, though I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little anxious. However, I'll take each day as it comes and do my best to contribute, that's all I can do...

*looks around at the bag an box she carried in with her, then around at the sparsely decorated quarters*

... but I'm taking tonight for myself before diving in tomorrow. I'm going to unpack and then treat myself to a long sonic shower... *Sighs*... it's been a challenging day.

Computer, end log and save. *Computer beeps*

===End log===
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