TDRP1727: "Oolong"

The USS Taylorholic Durant is considered to be the Flagship of the UFS Fleet. We are honoured to have Admiral Mike Calhoun as our former CO and as a current crew member, as well as other luminaries. We support UFSA as much as we can and we provide mentorship to the JOOP & CGSD graduate programs.
We roleplay in-world on a drop-in and scheduled basis. We also add to our history and environment by writing RP Narratives, Mission Logs & Personal Stories for the UFS forum.
Inspired by the ship's namesake, the late Admiral Taylorholic Durant, crew members work to exemplify the behaviour, actions & vision of United Federation Starfleet in everything they do. Our first rule: to be kind to one another. And have fun.
Please note we practice Post Order (P.O.) and One Post in our Roleplays. For further info, contact the C.O.!

Roleplay Times: Sun 11:15 SLT

Commanding Officer: Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Evelyn Rieko

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Captain's Ready Room
USS Taylorholic Durant

Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rieko glanced at her PADD message from Captain Hode: "Good to have you back from the Sheppard. Let's meet at 1600 hours to discuss your progress and determine next steps. Bring your ideas on shore leave for the crew." She approached the door of his ready room and paused outside it., feeling awkward again. She wondered should she mention the dance they had in 10-Forward before she'd left and the way it may have seemed like she was coming on to him. She wasn't really coming on to him... just because she rubbed her cheek against his a few times, and ran her fingers through his hair and stroked the back of his neck... ok..maybe she did come on to him.. but it was just something that happened. She was caught up in the moment, and the dance. She would not let what happened make things awkward between them. Maybe she should not mention it and behave like it never happened. Would he mention it? She walked into his ready room..knowing he expected her. "Greetings Captain." she said looking him in the eyes and then glancing around his ready room and at his tea set.

Captain James T. Hode stood in his ready room. Well, paced, was more like it. He had to meet with the Acting XO now she had returned from her shipboard training on the USS Sheppard. He was very aware though, that the last time they had been alone together had been... had been... he ran his hand through his already unkempt hair and paced some more. As he did he straightened his pips and his combadge like he was going to be inspected by Rear Admiral Toocool instead of meeting a young Lieutenant Commander in his own... "darn and blast," this wasn't even his ship! Everything congealed in his mind for a moment while he waited for Evelyn to... arrive. He fidgeted with the unfamiliar uniform jacket. His mind shied away from their last 'encounter'. Being British, and uncomfortable, he would rather not talk about it. But, being an officer in Starfleet... he sighed quietly, looking out the window until the swish of the doors told him she was here. He turned, flustered in spite of knowing she would come. Her voice reached him and he nodded. "Mr. Rieko," he said formally, "Please have a seat. I have.. replicated some tea for you." Just tea, for them both. No sandwiches, scones or cakes. He stood waiting politely for her to sit, without even thinking of it, it was so natural to him to show respect and chivalry.

Tea, how nice of Jim...he's very polite as usual. "Thank you, Sir", Evelyn said and then took a seat. If this was a social meeting she would ask him if he would like her to pour the tea..but this was Starfleet business, and she assumed the Captain would pour. Then suddenly she said, " Would you like me to pour the tea, Sir?" How do you take your tea?"

Jim sat down himself after she had taken a place at the conference table. "I'm sure it's steeped now," he said, referring to the tea. "Just milk." He reached for the milk jug and put a dollop of milk in his cup and then placed the strainer on it, waiting for her to pour out the hot liquid made from his own stock of Oolong from home through it. "Fresh tea leaves. Well, fresh as they can be this far from Earth," a quick grin passed over his face almost without thought. "Right, then," he looked to her, "How was your time on the Sheppard?" That, at least, was a safe subject. He hoped.

As Evelyn poured the tea into his cup, she said " this is a very lovely tea set.. she moved his cup and saucer closer to him. " This is Oolong your favorite, isn't it? She saw his grin and smiled as she poured herself a cup of tea, added sugar, stirred it, sipped it and said, "Mmmm, it's good. She sipped again as she heard him ask about her time on the Sheppard, " It was a wonderful time actually. I don't really know what I expected., I knew it would be work, but I had not realized it would also be fun. We had a few very interesting missions, and I like the crew. I'm sure some of them liked me too. They were all very welcoming and helpful. The Captain is very likeable and a great leader." She paused and then said, " I'm happy to be back home on the Durant though, Sir. It was nice on the Sheppard but it's not the Durant. The Durant is my favorite ship and crew." She resisted the urge to ask 'Did you miss me?'

Jim nodded to her, "It is my favourite blend, yes, although I also enjoy Earl Grey. Thank you," he said as she filed his cup, he took the cup and saucer into his hands and listened as she gave her report. "I agree, Captain Lombardia is a wonderful captain. He is a solid leader and has excellent instincts. I am glad you were able to spend some time there." He took a sip of his tea, "It's good to have you back," he added, almost as though he could read her mind he said: "We missed you." He took another sip of tea and said, "What do you think of the new uniforms?" His eyes went briefly to her bare legs, a rare sight over the past few years, females wore pants just like the males. No doubt it was more attractive but not always logical. "Please ensure our standing orders state female crew on away missions are to wear the uniform slacks."

Evelyn took another sip of tea as she listened to him speak of Captain Lombardia and the Sheppard. " I like Earl Grey also...and Oolong. I like to drink tea also, my favorites are green tea and rosy chocolate chai tea. She smiled when he said she was missed. ""Thank you Sir, its nice to know I was missed. I like the new uniforms..maybe just because they're different, and. they're very comfortable and stylish. I'm wearing the skirt because this is my first time having a skirt in my uniform pack, but pants do feel more comfortable, and logical especially on away missions, and I'm aware of the away mission standing order of wearing slacks."

"I enjoy Indian Chai, properly made," Jim commented, a smile again crossing his face, "cardamon and tea slowly simmered until the fluid reduces to a rich thick brew, add a little sugar. Lovely." Suddenly he wished he had ordered biscuits or sandwiches but that would surely be inappropriate for this somewhat official meeting. He drank a little more tea and put his cup quietly back on its saucer. "While you were away, I had the opportunity to have a long range communication with... Rear Admiral Skinstad before we came too far away from Pinastri and the Khittomer Wormhole. She continues to be delayed by her diplomatic work. She and I discussed the current status of our crew and we agreed that, given your involvement in Command training and the period of time you have served on the Taylorholic Durant, you should continue in the role of Acting XO until her circumstances change. Would this be agreeable to you?

Evelyn looked at Hode, "Oh yes!" She said nodding, " That would be agreeable with me, Sir.. I'm learning more about the position of XO by actually being in it as Acting XO, " Yes, thank you Captain." She took another sip..noting her tea is almost gone and cooled., " How is Admiral Skinstad? I hope she is enjoying her diplomatic work. She is still on Cronon isn't she? Helping the Cronons and the Tramulans sort things out. I hope...." She pauses thinking why did she bring up Cronon? Bringing up Cronon brings thoughts of Jim's fiancee, the Precia of Cronon, .and that reminds her of how she practically begged Jim to kiss they danced.. and the way she had clung to him. her eyes closed and waiting for the touch of his lips on hers.....that never came! Now, looking at him, her gaze went to his mouth...nicely shaped lips...wondering how they would feel, wondering what she would feel if they.... bleh!! She does not want to think about that anymore! Feeling herself start to blush.. feeling embrassed and then..trying to push those feelings aside. ...." she continued, " I hope everything works out well for the Tramulans.. it is a wonderful thing to gain freedom and independence after so many years of oppression."

Jim found himself musing over regulations and romances between crew members. He himself had married several couples over his time as Captain, sometimes a Starfleet member marrying a civilian but often, one officer marrying another. Assigning the post of Acting XO to Evelyn should, in point of fact, create another barrier between them. She was only a Lieutenant Commander as yet and he was a long serving Captain. "Yes, the negotiations there I believe are proceeding, so much so that the Admiral has moved on to another assignment." Cronon meant Araina and his face blanched a little. He quickly added: "This means... ah... well you see... it's not... there shouldn't be... we can't... not that we would of course but we shouldn't... ah... we need to keep our relationship, as it were, professional, you see?" His face went through all sorts of gyrations and he was clearly uncomfortable but determined to address the issue between them. It would help if she wouldn't sit there looking so darned... intelligent.

Evelyn placed her empty cup on the saucer...and looked at Jim just as he started speaking about what had happened between them, her eyebrows lifted in surprise as he addressed what happened...well as he attempted to address what happened in an odd, Jim Hode type way. He looked so uncomfortable and the way he ended his sentences and started new ones half way through what he was saying....showed just how awkward this was for him.. it was funny and she giggled as she looked at him and listened to him. It was not just funny it was adorable.

He's adorable, Evelyn thought. "Yes Sir", she said with a trace of laughter in her voice, I understand what you are saying, and I agree! We shouldn't ...and our relationship should remain professional of course, but I would like to think of you as my CO and my friend, if that's okay." Two things she was sure of now was that he found her attractive, and he was drawn to her. Her attraction to him was definitely not one sided. She could feel his attraction to her as well, and see it. Thoughts went through her mind, who knows what could happen between them... not that she wished him and his Precia bad luck in their relationship...but the Precia was light years away.. and Jim and the Precia would rarely see each other for years, but she was here on the Durant with him everyday. Anything could happen. She tilted her head, her hair falling to the side as she looked at him and smiled, "Yes Captain, everything will be fine."

Jim was utterly dumbfounded when she laughed at him. Her giggle was light and silvery, bright as her lovely eyes. He couldn't help but chuckle himself, "darn it, I'm trying to be serious!" he said half laughing, half angry, all tangled inside. Even her 'Yes Sir,' made him chuckle. "You are..." he rose and moved towards the window. A brat? Incorrigible? "....dismissed." Then he moved back until he was standing behind her chair. He put his hands on the back of the chair to pull it out for her, leaning down just a little as he waited for her to rise. The scent of her filled his nostrils. But he kept his hands on the chair.

Evelyn rose as he dismissed her, "Yes Sir, she said, as she stood beside her chair. When she stood she felt like he was a bit too close and she resisted the urge to shock him by doing something outrageous like rubbing her hands all over his chest, and that thought made her grin, but instead she just stood there, he was a bit too close and she waited for him to back away. She waited with a smile.

Jim looked down at her as she rose, feeling the nearness between them, seeing the grin on her face, he felt a sudden wish to just take her in his arms right then and there. His eyes searched her face. He wondered how sweet those smiling lips might taste. His eyes darkened with something hard to read. Guilt. The need to respect the uniform and rank. The ring on his finger, linking him to Araina. The freshness of the woman before him. Without thinking he raised a hand to straighten the tress of hair that had fallen.. his fingers softly curving around her ear, placing the hair behind it.. then suddenly he stepped back, his hand falling. His face tightened. In a low voice he repeated, "Dismissed, Mr. Rieko. You have the conn." He then moved, rigidly, to the window, his back to her.

Evelyn exhaled as Jim walked away from her to the window, dismissing her. She had stood there looking into Jim's eyes when his hand touched her hair and gently moved her hair behind her ear... in that moment something happened inside her...she wasn't sure what it was, but it felt good...really really good. She looked at his back as he stood looking out the window, and she said "Aye Sir" and walked out of his ready room.

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