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TDRP023: 170120-170228 "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170118.2339
by Poison Toocool

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Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170118.2359
by Poison Toocool
Captain's Log
Stardate 170118
Time Index: 2300

It's over at last. At 2130, myself and Captain Broek, along with Dr Axel and LTCol Yven -- plus a squad of Marines in fancy dress -- formally escorted our forty-five Talaxian guests to the shuttle bay where they boarded two runabouts. The Chancellor and his entourage departed aboard his personal shuttle at the same time.

The ship feels lighter. We have a long trip home and some diplomatic stops along the way, still it's a relief to put New Talax behind us. And get back to normal, as the humans say.

I realizing that in just a few weeks it will be my first anniversary of taking over command of the Durant. We've had a few scrapes, but we have a fine crew and the ship is in good shape.

For now the Stewards are getting the guest quarters cleaned and ready for use. And I've strictly instructed them to remove anything Talaxian from the menu for at least 60 days.

We will be travelling two sectors to Entaba, where we will pay a diplomatic visit before carrying further along to Kendren. These sectors and systems are all new to me. I confess a continued curiosity about who lives here and what kind of culture they have developed.

I have asked Science for a breakfast briefing at 0600 to discuss what lies ahead.

My mind is clear and my instincts are calm. I look forward to a few days of quiet ease before our next port of call.

Toocool out.

Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170119.0428
by Urul Yven
OIC's Log
Stardate 170119
Time Index: 11:29

So the Talaxians are in the runabouts. Finally. The Marines, me included were quite stressed to keep an eye on our guests and to escort them to the shuttles.

I had 20 Marines that worked that evening in the shuttle bay. 6 to escort the Talaxians in mess dress, 14 positioned all around the shuttle bay, with their weapons ready to shoot , to ensure that nothing will happen to our guests.

The 14 Marines in the shuttle bay were positioned discretely so not to attract to many attention, but they all had the order to stay alterted and keep an eye on everything and everybody in the bay.

Even if i was in the official escort with the CO and wear mess dress as well i was in contact during the whole time with my staff.

We had some incidents and my Marines were able to solve them so that the CO didn't notice it:

- During the "ceremony" a civilist insisted to get into the shuttle bay (He was slightly drunk). The marines were able to solve the problem by talking with him.

- A strange sound came out of a container. The container was scanned it was sort of a device in it. Science was contacted and they confirmed that it is an experiment they are working on with another ship and that it soon will be delivered to that other ship.

- one of the marines was sick, but didn't want to go to sickbay so to avoid that someone else has to overtake his shift. During the mission he collapsed and was brought to sickbay by 2 nurses that were on duty as well for the "ceremony". I will have a talk with him, that he stays next time in bed or goes to the sickbay instead of bothering the nurses that had the job to be in the shuttle bay in case when one of our guests would have had some health problems.

This job was done in collaboration with security and intel.

my marines start to get nervous because they actually need some action, close combat on a ship, securing a place on a planet, rescuing some hostages, .....

They are trained to do jobs than secure shuttle bays or similar as well, but they are not born for this.

The new Major Sytia zh'Shran had the order to train the other Marines that had nothing to do on the shooting range and later on to go with them into the gym . I've got some feedbacks from some Staff Sergeant that she's quite severe but fair and that she expected nothing from the marines that she did not do herself.

I think she's working on gaining some respect...that's great.

Yven out

Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170125.2346
by Poison Toocool
Captain's Log
Stardate 170126

It's funny. The trip to New Talax seemed unnaturally long and tedious, even with our advances in slip stream drive the light years seemed to pass in an agonizingly slow manner as we made our way through sector after sector. Of course our misadventure with the comet and the singularity added to the length of the journey.

I think it was having to deal with so many guests aboard the ship for such an extended period. Especially since those guests were civilian, had no knowledge of Starfleet routines and regulations, were - shall say - outspoken in a way that seemed uncharacteristic for Talaxians who are known to be quite polite and pleasing in manner. I have heard that those isolated from their culture will develop, over time, their own social behaviour. Perhaps it is the fact they have spread their culture to alien worlds and even an asteroid, and the distance from the home world - along with having to deal with all manner of other life forms - has lead to some idiosyncrasies.

We will soon be visiting another Talaxian world, which, despite this recent experience with their peoples, has me curious to see. It is the asteroid world of Entaba. There will be, apparently, a peace conference between the Talaxians, the Vaadwaur and the Turei. I have been asked to represent Starfleet. For us this is more ceremonial and perhaps an act of 'peace keeping' in terms of the fact that while the Durant is present, there will perhaps be less open hostility. It is not our policy to interfere with the cultures and practices of others and we certainly do not want to become involved in any kind of armed conflict. Although it appears that the Turei have relented and are less antagonistic towards the Vaadwaur... truth will out, as the humans say.

There are three full sectors between New Talax and Entaba. It will be a few more days before we arrive. Meantime I have been asked to officiate at another wedding. I am always pleased to do so. Crewman Paul Fennel and Ensign Andy Chang are planning an elaborate ceremony in the arboretum, which is not a great surprise. They are both botanists.

Computer, set alarm for oh-four-fifteen. Lights at ten percent. End log, save.


Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170126.0814
by Teresa Firelight
Chief of Operations Log
Stardate 170126
Commodore Teresa Firelight recording

I have never had this many complaints from my operations and yeoman staff before. I fear that if any of them see another Talaxian in the near future, they will be strongly tempted to conduct themselves in a less-than-Starfleet manner.

The cleaning of the guest rooms, formerly occupied by our Talaxian guests, has resulted in multiple irregularities. There have been reports of replicated sand piled in sonic showers, illegal flame burning cooking facilities in many of the rooms, and an odd assortment of other issues. The teams are getting this all cleared out, and making the guest quarters pristine again. The job is mostly done. ETA until completion is another 3 hours.

I reminded my staff that the Talaxians do not have the training or discipline of Starfleet officers, so we cannot expect them to hold themselves to the same standards as we do. However, I do find myself a bit annoyed at their willing infraction of many of the ship safety rules, such as open flames in quarters. Lets just say I am glad they are off of the ship.

Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170127.0051
by Isis Gaelyth
Entaba Sector
Culture and History Report
USS Taylorholic Durant

THe Vaadwaur were those who found what is called the 'Underspace', we might call this intersecting subspace passages. During what is called Medieval time on Earth, the Vaadwaur Supremacy were using these corridors to explore the Delta Quadrant, make trade, and conquer worlds. They were both hated and revered.

In those times the Talax-ilay, the forefathers of todays Talaxians, made stories of ghostly armies that appeared out of thin air and laid waste to many colonies.

There was great emnity to the Vaadwaur. A coalition was formed, with the Turei and some others, and they destroyed the Vaadwaur homeworld and all living of that species. The Turei made the 'Underspace' their own.

Almost a century later, the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant came to planet Vaadwaur. They were chased there by the Turei who said Voyager went into a subspace passage. The Turei erased the data about subspace from Voyager's records and left.

Then the Voyager crew discovered many Vaadwaur in stasis and woke them up. The aliens had planned to sleep for five years, not eight hundred and ninety two. Voyager then offered to find them a new planet to live on. But the Vaadwaur tried to steal Voyager instead. So the Turei came back and helped Voyager. It was recorded that fifty-three Vaadwaur ships went into the 'Underspace' and no one knows where they went after that. But in 2410, they tried to initiate a new Supremacy on their old planet.

From last century to this, the Turei are in control of the subspace passages. In 2410 the Vaadwaur attacked the Turei homeworld to try to get back dominance over the Underspace. With the help of the Voth, another reptilian species, the Vaadwaur are defeated.

Now we come to Entaba System. Here an asteroid base is home to some hundreds of Talaxians. They have technology which makes surface ice into water to help their people survive. They do some trade, but also try to find a M-class planet to make their home. The asteroid colony is not good for families and children and they need a better place to live.

The Turei, Voth, and Talaxians seem to be in relative calm with each other. But now the Vaadwaur ask for a peace conference. They offer to tell of a good M-class planet for the Talaxians. They say they don't want more conflict, just trade and exchange of information.

The agreement says only one ship from each species may be present within 20 light years of the asteroid, delegates will be unarmed.

Although this is to be a peaceful talk Science recommends a tactical network be established around the asteroid. Perhaps several cloaked probes to alert of the approach of any vessels would be wise. Astrometrics can provide charts to locate probes in places unlikely to be found.

History of the Vaadwaur does not bring us to a relaxed conclusion about their true wishes.

In service,
LT T'Prain

Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170129.1012
by Ishan Broek
Chief Security Officer's Log
Stardate 170129
Security Office

As we continue our journey towards the Entaba Sector to play Federation diplomats, my mind is restless. A peace conference called by the Vaadwaur Supremacy just does not sit comfortably. Since when have they ever had peaceful intentions I ask myself.

Since their last attempt to conquer the Delta Quadrant failed miserably, they have been relatively quiet, however they are again crawling out of the woodwork with no doubt a dubious agenda, and little regard for anyone but themsleves.

At this time we can only take our mission at face value, but my gut feeling is that we will encounter trouble and for that reason we must be prepared....and we will be.

Training simulations for both security officers and the rest of the crew continue unabated. Some are performing better than expected, and others not so much. The Durant provides a fantastic opportunity for those eager and good enough to take it, but for those not up to the mark, the learning curve is steep and the environment unforgiving.

They have to be the best they can be.

Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170201.0016
by Poison Toocool
===SHIP'S LOG===

STARDATE 170201.103



OPERATIONS - Power allocations normal. Long range communications via Nassordin. Distress call fron unidentified vessel received 170201.0958.

SECURITY - Tactical reports minimal traffic ahead in Entaba and Kendren Sectors. Malkothia freighters on course for New Talax passing our starboard side approximately 10LY. Distressed vessel not on scans. Signal reviewed with Astrometrics. Given strength of signal data suggests it is from a ship, station or entity within or close to this Sector.

ENGINEERING - warp and slip stream status green. Reported emitter failure port aft shield emitter, under repair. COE estimates complete at 170201.1115

MEDICAL - On alert. Triage being prepared in Cargo bay four in case it is needed.

SCIENCE - continuing sensor sweeps. Unable to pinpoint source of distress call at time of this report. However LT T'Prain suggests an uninhabited system with two gas giants located 200,000 kilometers at 129 mark 52 might shelter a ship.

INTELLIGENCE - providing full tactical and cultural briefs on parties expected at Entaba Peace Talks.

MARINE - shuttle drill recalled at Yellow Alert. Green Team standing by. Blue Team drills in Holodeck Two. Yellow Team at rest.

STEWARDS - Yellow Alert regime commenced. Light meals available in meal and 10-Forward. Staff to secure supplies and work areas.


Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170201.0022
by Poison Toocool
STARDATE 170201.11


Brief at 1200 hours Deck 1 Conference:
1. Departmental Status
2. 023A Distress Call - Reports
3. Tactical situation Entaba Peace Talks


Re: TDRP023: 170120-1701xx "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170220.1141
by Poison Toocool
STARDATE 170220.1030

Captain's Log

We may be able to leave for Pinastri soon. One can dream.

We've been here nearly a month and the situation has been intense. The distress call we received on 170201 was... a ploy. We were forced to take aboard a Vaadwaur delegate in order to transport them safely to the site of the peace talks. Our 'interference' was not viewed in a positive manner by the Turei and the Voth backed them in accusing us of supporting their rival. Things did not start well and we were not assisted by the Vaadwaur in our attempts to be seen as what we truly are, a neutral party. It took a week of negotiating just to get everyone calm enough to start talking.

There was an explosion on the space station that was contained by local security, our offers of assistance were at first rebuffed but as the damage to the Entaba communications array was significant we were finally allowed to assist. Our own security, headed by Captain Broek, attempted to assist in the investigation but we were thwarted at every turn. In the end, we found out why: a member of the Turei faction set off the explosion in the hopes it would be blamed on the Vaadwaur. Our evidence was conclusive and finally it was conceded that we were right and the perpetrator was brought to justice. As can be imagined, this did not assist in maintaining a calm atmosphere. Again, a number of days were spent investigating and then negotiating a return to the table.

We returned to the peace talks two days ago. At last we seem to have been able to find some common ground. I am cautiously optimistic... or perhaps foolishly hopeful.


Re: TDRP023: 170120-170228 "Entaba Dilemma"

Posted: 170430.0116
by Poison Toocool
Capt Ishan Broek - Chief Security
Comm Poison Toocool - CO
Comm Teresa Firelight - Chief OPs
LT T'Prain ((Isis Gaelyth)) - Science
OiC Urul Yven - Marines

CMDR Russell Sprout - OPs