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Infiltration of the Blind - Mission Report 150602

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John Aries
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United Federation Starfleet
Mission Report
S.S Tranquility

<2nd Officers> Report Log
Stardate: 150531
Report submitted by: grooveshark101 Resident
Subject: Tranquility Mission Report
2nd Officers Log, Stardate 150602.1650

This week we were the issue of strange occurrences of Romulans. After last weeks invasion they seemed to be after something after locating the power sources effecting the power grid we investigated after separate teams separated and began to search the station for any odd objects which lead Data and I to the Lobby where we found a device attached to the ceiling. After we got a ladder we climbed up and scanned it :tngtricorder: After some intense scans I decided to shoot it boy did that lead to a debacle. Suddenly strange suited Romulans Began to show up it was thought they used Phasic Cloaking to hide them selves. This lead to us then hearing strange music in the background and a voice over head after determining them to be Romulans we then proceeded to duck and cover as they began to fire after defeating the first wave the second device kindred had found in science with Jean. We proceeded down and were meant by a firing force after taking a stand the Romulans :warbird: then proceeded to beam a bomb into science where narrowly Ro managed to contain the blast almost destroying the station with the narrow close of time we managed to save tranquility!

End Report :voyager:

Report submitted by: <Johnathan Wesley Aries>
< 2nd Officer > Officer
SS Tranquility

Photos of RP:

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