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The Inflitration - Mission Prelude 150527

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John Aries
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UFS Civilian
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*Power surges inside the science lab as 2 science officers on duty examine and begin to look into the recent unusual high tetryon particals in the stations support systems*

LT Jethro - Sir These readings are all over the station its like someone has spread them all over its completely sporadic!

CMDR Hythiri - Interesting I've never seen anything like this It is causing our weapons to shutdown our entire station is suffering power losses and weaponary failure due to this!

LT Jethro - Sir These readings are showing that the partical field remains contestant we may be facing a someone or many generators of these particals this would mean that there are over 50 small generators around the station and the number keeps fluxuating I am reading a energy signature off the station quite a few sir!

CMDR Hythiri - Interesting would you be able to disrupt the field Jethro.

LT Jethro - With this power surging I do not think it would prove effective we would risk shorting out the device or loosing power. These Particals are to concentrated.

CMDR Hythiri - Try and see if we can get a device to emit gamma radiation to disrupt the particals.

LT Jethro - Sir, From these readings its extremely intense on the Operations Deck and Various parts of Engineering.

CMDR Hythiri - This is beyond to weird keep me informed of the progress well try to find out the source of these particals!

*The Power Surges a few times and lights flickr*

LT Jethro - Sir these power readings are all over the station has blow out numerous jell packs and circuits! This is Insane!

CMDR Hythiri- I'm going to go inform the CO.


Join us this Sunday 11am-1pm to find out what happens!

2nd Officer
John Aries :voyager:
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