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The Mystery of Sabotage - Mission Report : 150524

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John Aries
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United Federation Starfleet
Mission Report
S.S Tranquility

<Acting Executive Officers> Report Log
Stardate: 150526
Report submitted by: grooveshark101 Resident
Subject: Tranquility Mission Report
AXO Log, Stardate 150524.1410
Reports from Engineering were pointing to a missing Ensign. I looked at the report from the Chief and it disturbed me that whom ever spoke in the second recording did not match the voice pattern of the first. I jumped from my seat and pressed my intercom button and announce "All Senior Crew Report to Command Level ASAP" as I Proceeded down the turbo lift shaft it jolted a bit and shutdown briefly and resumed normal operation. When I arrived I mean Jean, Blane, Thallanor , and Kondrad. We then talked and briefed on the situation at hand.
Suddenly out of no where the power grid shutdown and emergency power turned on. Startled by the computers announcement after several times trying to reach engineering we proceeded to Operations using the emergency power for the lift. When we arrived we all took places to try to get power back to main systems. Jean found that a firewall was slowly locking down consoles and stations. After we tried to override it the stations self destruct was then triggered as we all looked it was decided to take the turbo lift as low as possible to override the computer core. After 18 minutes of tubes we then arrived in engineering to find the crew out cold as suddenly Romulans Appeared 2 guards and there leader. They then shuffled us treating to blow the station up into the Engineering Office.
After about 10 minutes Blane Knocked the guard out while Jenny kept watch at the window for any activity while the Romulans used the main console jean overrode the warp core and reset the reactor and expelling the explosive as the second guard walked in blane then got him and the lead and knocked then cold. We then managed to get safely out of engineering and save tranquility from them.
After a explanation unmentioned they were of Tal Shiar cell to try to destroy the station. This leads us the think that there blaming us for Hobus is the plot to expel us from pinastri.

End Report :voyager:

Report submitted by: <Johnathan Wesley Aries>
< Acting Executive Officer > Officer
SS Tranquility

Photos of RP:

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