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The clock is ticking - Mission Report - 150309

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Mission Report - 150309

Tranquility’s CO, Captain Thallanor Rasmuson, was awoken by the bridge crew, altering him to a priority communique from a longtime friend of his. Receiving it in his quarters, she informed him that she was visiting a friend of hers on a nearby station, built into an asteroid, and that her friend, appearing more and more delusional, had organized a cult-like group of followers over the last several months, unknown to her. Her friend had now broadcast station-wide that the installation was going into lockdown and that the reactors were set to overload. Only by relaying her communications through to her personal vessel was she able to relay this information to Thallanor.

Thallanor and several members of the crew were immediately beamed onboard the USS Cheyenne and they departed for the station at maximum warp. Already detecting the reactors nearing overload, the Cheyenne went dark, approaching the station hidden from their more civilian-grade sensor arrays. An engineering team then proceeded to spacewalk to the external reactor ejection port on the station, prepared to eject it if necessary, but finding it rather easy to interface with their systems, not only powering down the reactors, but relinquishing the station’s lockdown, allowing a security team to board the station and defuse the situation with minimal injuries and no casualties. Thallanor’s friend was rescued, amongst numerous other station crew, and the leader, along with her followers were transferred to the Cheyenne’s brig for return to Tranquility, where they now await trial.
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