Deal or no deal - Mission Report - 150302

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Command - Captain
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Mission Report - 150302

While UFS keeps out of the day-to-day business of most corporations, Tranquility’s CO, Captain Thallanor Rasmuson, was specifically requested by the trading partner of one of the station’s businesses. Confused at first, he departed with several of the station’s officers to the coordinates given. Meeting with the trading partner’s CEO, suspicion soon turned to understanding. The CEO owned a small resort planet, and in exchange for a week-long stay with Thallanor, the CEO offered her planet for shoreline for those officers who accompanied their CO, as well as signing the trade pact with the original business in question. After confirming with the CEO that he would be doing so as a personal favour, and not in official UFS capacity, Thallanor agreed, and a week later, with the trade pact signed, the crew returned to Tranquility with the good news.
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