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Business as Usual (Part 3) - Mission Report - 141127

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Mission Report - 141127

With the USS Cheyenne drawn into the rift, power fluctuations caused some systems to go offline, similar to stories reported by other affected vessels. As systems came back online, the crew immediately started scanning in an attempt to pinpoint the source of the power source they detected. The same thing was detected, though the source still not quite clear. It was suggested by crew to send a probe in to trace the power to its origin. It was agreed, and the probe dispatched, with results soon seeming to indicate that much like the space-time that the Cheyenne was enveloped in was not its original one, nor was the source of this power. As additional scans were performed, it was found that the power source was in fact a star that in another dimension, where the rift originated, and the immense power of the star was powering it. While attempting to determine how to solve this issue, it was determined that time in the dimension the star existed was passing millions, perhaps billions of times faster, and it was predicted that the sun would die out in a matter of minutes. With time running out, the Cheyenne used its deflector array and some quick math performed by its crew to draw itself back in to its original dimension of space-time. As the Cheyenne snapped back to the proper place in space-time, the rift immediately closed behind it as the result of its fuel source being exhausted. With the situation resolved, the Cheyenne made its way home to SS Tranquility.

CAPT Thallanor Rasmuson
CO, SS Tranquility
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