Business as Usual - Mission Briefing - 141120

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Mission Report - 141120

Upon return from a UFS Command conference, CAPT Thallanor Rasmuson's runabout encountered a spatial anomaly that went undetected by sensors. Primary computer functions were disabled and a distress beacon activated while makeshift repairs were undertaken. The first system to become available was primary sensors, indicating the presence of hostile starships in the vicinity. With no sign of rescue, repairs continued until warp drive and basic navigation became available. With the runabout going to warp, the hostile spacecraft engaged pursuit. As they entered potential weapons range, the USS Cheyenne rendezvoused with CAPT Rasmuson, beaming him onboard and the pursuing craft breaking away. The runabout was then tractored to SS Tranquility and a navigation buoy dropped in the vicinity of the anomaly, both as a warning and to follow up for future research.

CAPT Thallanor Rasmuson
CO, SS Tranquility
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