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Under the Sea --- Mission Report 140820

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Mission Report --- Under the Sea ---140820

The Cheyenne was dispatched to "The Waters", a small planetoid previously discovered by Voyager to investigate a strange energy reading. In light of the Iconian contact and repelled boarding of Tranquility by the Elachi, Starfleet wasn't willing to let anything go un-investigated no matter how remote. Concerns centered on the possibility of another Elachi portal and possible subjugation of the planetoid's native population.

Capt Rasmuson and FCAPT Crystal took the USS Cheyenne out and entered in orbit around The Waters and beamed to a remote area some 1.5 to 2 KM from the energy reading, A secondary task was to discover any further erosion of the containment field generators which held the water in place on the small planet's surface. Those readings were assigned to the crew remaining on board the Cheyenne.

Capts Rasmuson and Crystal proceeded in the direction of the coordinates without incident and did indeed find a portal, which was not Iconian or Elachi in nature and was being protected by one individual of an aquatic species resembling a mermaid. She did not allow the us to get closer than possibly 50m as she continually hurled potentially dangerous, but at the moment life-threatening obstacles in their way. First causing a small whirlpool, then a sudden upheaval of the ocean floor in to dozens of tall pinnacles. next it seemed as the ocean was freezing into ice around them. We remained motionless, and as non-threatening as possible when the being began to communicate telepathically to us demanding we move away. Capt Rasmuson identified who we were and explained we meant no harm and were only curious as to what was happening and pointed out that she was no a native to this planet and we were concerned as there were more violent species in the sector that we were investigating.

There was a slight softening in the mer's attitude and she continued communicating. She explained that hers was an ancient race of elementals. There were several different subspecies associated with basic elements. Her element was aquatic. They had lived on may different planets throughout the galaxy and were now looking at the "The Waters" as a new home. On ancient Earth her race had been associated with what were called minor deities, the muses, nymphs, and sirens, and while very long-lived they reproduced very slowly so that their numbers were very stable, but they often incurred resentment and prejudice from local populations. This was possibly due to their reluctance to outwardly help native populations beyond their own present state of development. They had learned interfering with a peoples natural state of evolution created a "too fast- too soon" syndrome in which the native population wanted exponentially more as they received new "gifts" without ever taking time to educate themselves and use those gifts to maximum potential. As a result, the Elementals had watched societies annihilate themselves as a result of the gifts given them. The Elementals therefore practiced their own "prime directive."

This was important in light of Captain Rasmuson's desire that we could learn from each other, but the mermaid, whose name was Ijaba, said that could not be unless the gifts given each other were not in any way a significant advancement, technological or cultural to each side, but regardless, the Elementals would need to observe us and our intentions in that region before any further contact or dialog could be made.

We then explained the threat of the Iconians and Elachi, as well as other Iconian allies and urged Ijaba to have her people do what they could. We shared information about the last visit to The Waters and said there was some concern regarding the containment field generators. Ijaba informed us she had already addressed that problem. There was, indeed, some receding of waters revealing several tiny land masses, but any further deterioration was halted, (We later found the nymphs and sirens of this race especially value small outcroppings of rock and sand in order to bathe in sunlight. These outcroppings and small islands were verified by a new surface map of the planetoid while Cheyenne was in orbit.

Ijaba warned that further intrusion in the area may be met with more severe deterrents, but that they would protect the native inhabitants, the Moneans, and would have enough deterrent to fend off Iconians or Elachi. She gave a brief demonstration in which with a simple wave of her finger and ice shard was formed from the water and was used to shatter, actually obliterate a large boulder some 20m in diameter. The plant and animal life living on the rock were kept suspended and safe. Then with another wave the rock reassembled itself to its original shape.

Captain Rasmuson and I explained our prime directive to her and Ijaba seemed pleased and said perhaps there would be a day when we could share, but for now we were to leave. We made our good-byes and gave our thanks regarding her reassurance of safety for the Moneans and returned to the Cheyenne.

Note: This is an ancient race of beings that control the elements with supernatural force. They are not to be trifled with and have no desire to ally themselves with the Federation, or share any technology or "gifts," particularly at present. An image of Ijaba is shown below.

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