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Bad News Comes to Tranquility --- Mission Report 140728

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Mission Report 140728 ---

Duty shift A began withouit ioncident. Captain Thallanor Rasmuson, CO, FCAPT Siobhan Crystal, XO, Lt Lei Hanfoi, Tactical/Security, ENS Ariana Metall at COMM, and cadet Anjevia Fullerton, science were conducting routine scans and diagnoses of all systems as a result of the previous contact with an Iconian scout ship by the USS Cheyenne. All was proceeding well until an unidentified energy surge was discovered just off the port side of the station. Similar reading were found on three locations within the station which later turned out to be shuttle Bay 2, the lounge, and the command board room. Station scan were unable to get a precise reading so LT Hanfoi was directed to send a security teams to investigate. The first to be identified was on Shuttle Bay 2, but the energy from what appeared to be a portal disrupted internal communications. After the security detail failed to report LT Hanfoi and cadet Fullerton went to take readings.

Until that time there had been nothing more than the energy portal, but as LT Hanfoi arrived several large aliens emerged and attacked. They were quickly and easily subdued. Several phaser shots also seemed to destroy the portal. Samples were taken from the dead aliens for identification which turned out to be Elachi. These Elachi, however, seemed diseased.

The next portal was discovered in a secluded bulkhead on the lounge level. This time LT Hanfoi and ENS Metall. There were many more Elachi, but they were beaten back by station security forces and the portals destroyed.

The final portal was also dealt with by Hanfoi and Metall.

The decision was made to destroy the energy entity off the prt side. A containment field was fashioned and station shielding was directed toward that side as weapons were fired and the portal disappeared.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
XO SS Tranquility
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