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Echoes in the Night Mission Log 140714

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Location: Oregon


Mission Log ---

[20:23] (You): well, let's get this thing started shall we?
[20:23] Lei Hanfoi: aye maam
[20:24] (You) proceeding course Mark 7.008 at warp two.
[20:24] (You): Lei, keep an eye on long range tactical. There shouldn't be anyting where we are going, but one never knows
[20:25] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) shivers subtly, remember still in the back of her mind what happened after the vessal hit the anomaly.
[20:25] Lei Hanfoi: ok people - iconians are called "Demons of Air and Darkness", who were said to have the ability to appear at will on far-flung planets without the use of starships.
[20:26] Lei Hanfoi: so look for life signs that suddenly shift place to place
[20:27] (You): ((You haven't received any word about Iconians yet, that is why I had double brackets.....Out of Character)).
[20:27] Lei Hanfoi: life signs on distant planet that werent there
[20:27] Lei Hanfoi: aye maam
[20:27] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Assuming they are Carbon based Ma'am?
[20:28] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) monitors her readout, keeping an eye out for anything untoward or 'off-color' on the readings, as her study of ancient Terran terminology indicated to her.
[20:28] (You): ((no one is anything and nothing is nothing at the moment. We are just heading into empty space. I should have given the info on a notecard.I am sorry))
[20:29] Teresa Firelight is offline.
[20:29] Lei Hanfoi: aye maam sorry just prepairing
[20:29] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): I am aware of one type of anomaly that allows a similar pattern of Behavior Ma'am
[20:29] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): ((afk ))
[20:30] Lei Hanfoi: wiki was more help then that page u mentioned
[20:30] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Spatial Flextures. Accessing relevant database information.
[20:31] Lei Hanfoi: scanning,still no possible threats
[20:32] (You): ((I don't really care which was more helpful. What is more important right now is staying in character and so far, your characters know nothing about what is going to happen. In fact, i may change it. Please refrain from checking on anything specific before anything specific happens))
[20:32] Lei Hanfoi: yes maam sorry
[20:32] (You): increasing speed to warp 6
[20:33] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Dustronic Sensors may also be able to detect any residue left by such behavior Ma'am
[20:33] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Duotronic
[20:35] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) looks at her readouts and tilts her head to the side, sign of her puzzlement. "Ma'am, I'm detecting a slight fibulation occuring from someone within the Cargo Bay, request permission to check on them."
[20:35] (You): yes, go ahead, Alystin
[20:36] emDash HUD: Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) has entered chat range.
[20:36] (You): ok I am going to open things up. increasing ti maximum warp
[20:38] Thorne Xavier (thornexavier) is online.
[20:39] (You) smiles and leans back in her chair. "I do love the sound of NOTHING happening. All reports clear for a change. I think we will run this on a few mi nutes then head on home."
[20:41] (You): the craft rocks and the ship declerates. "Ojk what the hell was that?"
[20:41] Lei Hanfoi: yes Maam it is unusually quiet....which is why im scanning still when nothing is happening it means someones planning something
[20:44] Lei Hanfoi: detecting a craft suddenly materiualizing in our path Maam
[20:44] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Sensors have detected a high presence of duotronic activity in our area Ma'am
[20:44] (You): bringing up screen "so what is that?
[20:44] (You): how are shields holding up?
[20:45] Lei Hanfoi: Shields are at 100% currently Maam
[20:45] Lei Hanfoi: shields are up
[20:46] (You) calls to engineering gets a quick report. there was a hull breech on th eport side, repair crews are enroute, damage is limited to one sector. Main warp went offline due to a power surge and estimated time fo repair is 30 - 40 minutes."
[20:46] (You): Weapons?
[20:47] Lei Hanfoi: weapons are capable if Needed Maam
[20:48] (You): keep them ready but not powered. Shields at full.
[20:48] (You): I need a reading on that craft
[20:49] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam,it's not a type ive seen before,searching database
[20:50] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Sensors indicate the presence of a residual field not unlike one from our own deflector arrays.
[20:51] Lei Hanfoi: hmmm this cant be right
[20:51] (You): what can;t be right but probably is?
[20:52] Lei Hanfoi: nothing has been seen like this since 23rd century but cant be right
[20:53] (You): we are being scanned
[20:54] Lei Hanfoi: discovery of Iconia in 2365, the Iconians were still dismissed by many as nothing more than myth.
[20:54] Lei Hanfoi: so it cant possibly be
[20:55] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia) accesses database
[20:55] (You): Opening a hailing frequency. "Yes, but we know better now since they have been associated with the Undine."
[20:55] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Maam opening Freqncy
[20:56] Lei Hanfoi: excitedly thinks yay a first contact situation
[20:56] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): *analyzing data*
[20:57] Indy (indy.firelight) is online.
[20:57] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Sensors have confirmed the presence of an anomaly known as a spatial flexture
[20:58] Lei Hanfoi: scanning ship for offencive and details details
[20:58] Lei Hanfoi: defencive* details
[20:58] Hermione Swallowtail (hermione.highwater) is offline.
[20:59] (You): =^=This is Fleet Captain Siobhan Crystal of the Federation ship Cheyenne to unknown spacecraft. State your intentions.=^=
[20:59] Lei Hanfoi: weapons on standby if needed Maam
[20:59] Hermione Swallowtail (hermione.highwater) is online.
[21:00] Lei Hanfoi: shields are still up
[21:00] Lei Hanfoi: still at 100%
[21:00] Lei Hanfoi: scanning other ship it's shields are also up,showing no sign of argression
[21:01] (You): what just hit us?
[21:01] Lei Hanfoi: oh no , incoming plasma wave.
[21:01] Lei Hanfoi: plasma wave Maam
[21:02] Lei Hanfoi: unsure,but seem to come form inocian ships direction
[21:03] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Ma'am if we redirst power to the deflector arry it should isolate any incoming plasma and prevent it from affecting our reactors
[21:03] Lei Hanfoi: scanning to see it they caused it or were also hit
[21:03] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): redirect
[21:03] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): I'm not reading any casualties yet Ma'am. All the incoming reports from the duty nurses report severe injuries but so far yet nothing fatal.
[21:03] (You): Do we know it's Iconian? Run a system of double checks and then send it back to the computers for analysis
[21:04] (You): Thank you alystin. How was the crewman you checked on?
[21:06] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Ma'amm it appears we have damage to the warp intake manifold.
[21:06] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): As of right now Ma'am, he's the worst. Miocardial Infarction, I had him sedated and he was taken to sickbay. But his bio-data shows no history of heart failure in his family
[21:06] Lei Hanfoi: given distance and projected time to travel ....i suggest we get outta here either way
[21:07] (You): well that is a nice option Lei,but we are on Impulse power and I would rather not turn my back and limp away from a hostile.
[21:07] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon) is offline.
[21:07] Lei Hanfoi: ate Maam
[21:07] Lei Hanfoi: aye*
[21:08] (You): we are lucky that we are onkly banged up a bit
[21:08] Lei Hanfoi: yes Maam
[21:09] (You): redirect auxiliary shield power to forward deflectors.
[21:09] (You) taps console "Engineering, How long before repairs are complete?" she nods. "Cut it in half."
[21:10] Lei Hanfoi: redirecting
[21:10] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): If we reroute power to our deflector array we can contain the ship long enough to replace the damage dilithium crystals.
[21:10] Lynda Marshall-Mistwallow (lyndamarshall) is offline.
[21:11] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia) crosses fingers
[21:11] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) crosses her tingers and watches her montiors closely
[21:12] Lei Hanfoi: shall i reroute power Maam
[21:13] (You): I want power routed to the forward deflectors. as long as no one is behind us, I am not concerned
[21:13] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): I'm concerned about the presence of a possible dampening field.
[21:14] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Maam currently unaware of anyone behind,redirecting
[21:15] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Excess plasma combined with a dampening field could ignite our reactors and start a chain reaction.
[21:15] (You): And I am concerned with having enough power left in reserve to maneuver and power weapons. I will not stick my head in the sand in order to effect repairs
[21:15] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): "Ma'am, couldn't we do something to hide us from their sensors?"
[21:16] (You): we don't have cloaking capabilities. but... we can use our sensors and shields to create an echo effect.
[21:17] (You): Do you think you can do that Anjevia?
[21:17] Kinney Randt is offline.
[21:18] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) turns to Anjevia "It might blind us as well, but at least then they would not be able to get a direct target lock on us. "
[21:20] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam and purhaps ill get a lock on them
[21:20] (You): scan the hull Lei. I want to target the plasma weapons
[21:21] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Maam scanned and targeted
[21:21] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): We will still need access to telemetry data
[21:21] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Which means deactivating the deflector array
[21:21] (You): mmhmm.
[21:21] Lei Hanfoi: phaserbanks and photon torpedos ready
[21:22] (You) taps commbadge, "Engineering., status report......thank you."
[21:22] Graeme Debbel is offline.
[21:23] (You): ok we have about 85% power. Do you have a way of distracting them with an echo yet?
[21:23] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) taps on her screen, trying to keep track of every medical report coming into her.
[21:24] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): I think so Ma'am
[21:24] Mac Gaelyth is offline.
[21:25] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): If we keep power to the deflector array low enough to allow our sensors to function externally, we should be able to use our shield to distort the plasma long enough to cool it
[21:25] (You): ok. what I want in on my mark activate the echo. we will go to full power or what we have of it. we will doa fly by. conduct telemetry then take out their plasma cannons. "
[21:26] (You): can we detect any change in their power prior to their firing?
[21:27] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): negative ma'am
[21:27] Lei Hanfoi: slight variation about 5% but ill know
[21:27] (You): then will have to do it the old-fashioned way.
[21:28] Lei Hanfoi: weapns are ready at your command maam
[21:28] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): communications suggest they use duotronic algorithms in their communication devices
[21:28] (You): Lei let me know when you see the first sign of a firing. we will still keep power to the deflectors but we are flying into the teeth of the enemy
[21:28] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Maam
[21:29] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): *focusing sensors on plasma cannons*
[21:29] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) "Maintaining focus on crew health Ma'am"
[21:30] (You): weapons on full and locked in, lei
[21:30] Lei Hanfoi: Yes they are Maam
[21:30] Lei Hanfoi: detecting variation,possible threat Maam
[21:31] (You): on my mark, lei. ready Anjevia?
[21:31] Lei Hanfoi: there waepons seem ready to fire
[21:31] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Reconfiguring sensors
[21:31] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Maam
[21:31] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): ready
[21:31] Lei Hanfoi: ready
[21:32] (You): activate the echo. Full speed mark 2.1. off their port side.
[21:32] Lei Hanfoi: what spread would u like Maam
[21:32] (You): narrow
[21:32] Lei Hanfoi: weapons only?
[21:32] (You): weapons lonly
[21:32] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam
[21:33] Lei Hanfoi: ready
[21:33] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): here it comes
[21:33] (You): ship moves swiftly forward and passes by Iconoans port side.
[21:33] (You): Fire now Lei.
[21:33] Lei Hanfoi: FIREING
[21:33] (You): all weaposn fire
[21:33] Lei Hanfoi: Phaser banks and Photons fired
[21:34] (You): coming aout for second pass
[21:34] (You): fire
[21:34] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam reading weapons again
[21:34] Lei Hanfoi: FIREING
[21:34] (You): ((the iconian ship stays still then))
[21:34] Hermione Swallowtail (hermione.highwater) is offline.
[21:35] (You): the ship disappears from the screen
[21:35] Jessica Xeltentat is online.
[21:36] Lei Hanfoi: scanning for debris and cloking
[21:36] (You): fire a broad spread in the same area Lei.
[21:36] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): "I have never seen such a vessal like that before. "
[21:36] Lei Hanfoi: Yes Maam- fireing again
[21:36] Lei Hanfoi: ships engine hit
[21:37] Lei Hanfoi: ( targets engine)
[21:37] Hermione Swallowtail (hermione.highwater) is online.
[21:37] (You): Nor have I
[21:38] Lei Hanfoi: incomeing message Maam seems to be text only
[21:38] (You) frowns and arches a brow beofre asking, "Incoming message, from whom?"
[21:39] Lei Hanfoi: unclear,target has disappeared
[21:39] Dane Fride is offline.
[21:40] Lei Hanfoi: possibly destoryed from hit to engine
[21:40] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): It appears that the presence of a low power deflector array has actually enabled us to intercept their communications ma'am
[21:40] (You) looks bemused and confused, but shakes her head, "Oh ok...."
[21:41] (You): well, that would be something new and interesting. What are we getting?
[21:41] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): I do not have access to that information
[21:42] Lei Hanfoi: seems to be something along the lines of a sms type messageing system but slightly more advanced
[21:42] (You): re=route it to the databank for analysis. we will turn it over to Intel.
[21:43] Lei Hanfoi: aye Mam
[21:43] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): "Ma'am, getting reports from Sick Bay, injuried are in recovery."
[21:43] (You): excellent. No fatalities?
[21:43] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): but the last transmission, coupled with reconfigured sensors to detect duotronic algorthims seems to have been sufficient to establish some sort of communication
[21:43] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): "None at all Ma'am."
[21:44] (You): can we set a small communications probe with the same settings in this region?
[21:44] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): Aye Ma'am
[21:45] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): I think that would be prudent
[21:46] (You): set out four such probes with intersecting perimeters
[21:46] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): but based on my knowledge of spatial flextures there is no guarantee they will appear at this same location
[21:46] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): it appears the alien craft used such a device to enter this sector
[21:46] Indy (indy.firelight) is offline.
[21:46] Lei Hanfoi: Maam we we seem to have some sort of unauthjoziused teleport, iconians have the ailty to teleport without a starship,ill get security down to the teleporter
[21:47] Lei Hanfoi: alerting security on every deck
[21:47] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): "I am leaving instructions for Sickbay to place themselves on lockdown."
[21:48] Lei Hanfoi: security report no ususal teleports
[21:49] (You) double taps the console. "Engineering what was that?"
[21:49] (You): Oh...
[21:50] (You): a clumsy technician slipped a wire
[21:50] Lei Hanfoi: it was a false alarm Maam standing down security
[21:51] (You): well, that should have got the adrenaline pumping, right Alystin?
[21:51] Lei Hanfoi: grins
[21:52] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) nods, heart fluttering and cheeks flushing as she sends the order to stand down her last order.
[21:53] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): If it may please the captain I would like to have our dilithium crystals examined.
[21:53] (You) gives order to return to base at maximum cruise speed and stands up.
[21:54] (You): The engineering crew will work on it. Unless there is something you are suspicious of. You can join htme if you like
[21:54] (You): them
[21:54] Lei Hanfoi: scanning,no further threats found Maam
[21:55] (You): ok, that shoudl do it for the night
[21:55] Lei Hanfoi: aye was well done
[21:56] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): hope i was able to do a good job. i would have been back sooner but as i was telling Siobhan my daughter just threw up really bad
[21:56] (You): good job
[21:56] emDash HUD: Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia) has entered chat range.
[21:57] (You): that's a wrap for tonight, I hope everyone had a good time. It started a bit slow, but picked up at the end. Good job
[21:58] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89): yay!! :D
[21:58] Thorne Xavier (thornexavier) is offline.
[21:58] Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon (gwendolineu89) is offline.
[21:59] Lei Hanfoi: thank you Maam
[21:59] (You): you did a fine job Alystin
[21:59] Lei Hanfoi: and yes well done to you both
[22:00] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): this ship only has one reactor
[22:00] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): thats why i got anal about the crystals
[22:00] (You): yes, it is a small ship
[22:00] Anjevia Fullerton (anjevia): lol
[22:00] (You): only one deck
[22:00] (You): it is all weapons and speed
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