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Days of Future Past --- Mission report 140707

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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The USS Cheyenne, still in orbit around Talax 150 million years in our and the planet's past. Engineering's report stated that Dilithium stores were sufficient on board, so no loss of fuel was evident, but the misfirings continued to be a problem. From computer analysis it seemed that any metal with similar properties to gold would be of use, but there needed to be far more than could be found on the ship. A landing party consisting of myself, Captain Rasmuson, Science Cadet Alystin Wylde-Whitefalcon, Ens JRKirk, LT Hanfoi and Lt Jameson beamed to the planet's surface. It was paramount that we find what we were looking for causing as little disruption to the native flora and fauna as possible.

The party found itself in a primeval jungle. In a small clearing was a wide, but shallow stream which meandered near a pond. The pond itself was incredibly clear and also very deep, possibly some 200m at its greatest leading to the belief that the it was a geologic depression possibly fed by flood waters of the nearby stream as there seemed to be no inlet or outlet. the clarity of the water, however lent itself to the thought that perhaps it was fed by a subterranean spring as opposed to sediment-filled flood waters.

While investigating the area we were approached by a creature that appeared friendly and seemed to be trying to communicate. It was approximately 2 meters in height, but closer to 3m in length from nose to tip of tail. On first sight it was very similar to a Terran velociraptor, but it was covered from the beck down in feathers. More intriguing than the feathers and apparent friendliness was a metal collar that had an electro-magnetic lock. My tri-corder readings revealed a metal some 25 to 30 meters deep in the pond. I jumped in to retrieve it and found it to be very similar to a bar of gold bullion. It was with some difficulty we were able to bring the "gold" which indeed it was to the surface.

As I was coming out of the water readings indicated a much larger presence approaching which was a much larger, much less friendly "dinosaur" that looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Our friendly raptor quickly skittered a way and we sought higher ground. The large saurus pursued us each of us taking a different path in order to confuse the creature. It was beginning to turn toward Lts Hanfoi and Jameson when I opened fire with a phaser. This caused the creature to pause long enough for Ensign Kirk and the LTs to join me in finally destroying the animal. It was unfortunate that we had to kill the creature, but it seemed the only way at the time and I bear full responsibility for the decision since I initiated the first phaser blast in order to save my crew. Even on maximum it took the combined firepower of two type III and two type II phasers to bring it down. We quickly met and made our way to the transport site to be beamed back to the Cheyenne.

The gold bar was indeed the key to our return. Using a maneuver used by the Enterprise D we used the Talax sun to accelerate us back to our present time.

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