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This Kind Nepenthe -- Part 3 Mission log 140506

Posted: 140511.1709
by Siobhan Crystal
[19:02] (You): good evening Ensign
[19:02] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Grreetings ma'am
[19:02] (You): how are you doing this evening?
[19:02] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I am good, thanks, how are you?
[19:03] Thallanor Rasmuson is online.
[19:10] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yay, welcome Lieutenant
[19:10] Lei Hanfoi: hello Maam
[19:10] Lei Hanfoi: hello ensign
[19:19] (You) looks around, "Perhaps this is a good time to check out te new specs on the Cheyenne."
[19:19] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): wb Lt.
[19:19] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes I think this would be the perfect time ma'am
[19:21] (You): I will meet everyone there, then.
[19:21] Second Life: Teleport completed from UFS Pinastri Colony (125,122,3066)
[19:21] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: Second Life RC BlueSteel
Previous simulator: Second Life Server
[19:21] emDash: Entering Preston
[19:21] Second Life: Can't rez object 'POOFER Nova' at { 131.438, 21.6875, 3685.29 } on parcel 'Greener Pastures' in region Preston because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership.
[19:21] emDash HUD: Thallanor Rasmuson has entered chat range.
[19:22] emDash HUD: JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) has entered chat range.
[19:22] emDash HUD: Lei Hanfoi has entered chat range.
[19:22] Blade Kenyon is online.
[19:22] (You): checks the console and does a quick security scan," All clear Captain."
[19:23] Thallanor Rasmuson perks his ears and nods. "Sounds good, Sio."
[19:23] Thallanor Rasmuson: (( Sorry, trying to type with red fingers from Cheetos Xxxtra Flamin' Hot and Takis. :) ))
[19:24] (You): shall we go to the briefing room?
[19:24] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Ma'am, the new sensors and tracking devices are fully operational, so if anyone comes about, we will know about it
[19:27] (You) takes a deep breath, "I think we need to bring Lei in on what we have discovered so far
[19:27] Lei Hanfoi: please
[19:27] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes, we should, she has to know whats going on
[19:28] (You): So, Lei, what do you remember about the night Captain Randt appeared on Tranquility?
[19:28] Lei Hanfoi: [19:21] Lei Hanfoi: we ( kirk and i) and the capt that was here, decieded the roleplay of the ships we did was totally wrong and that there was cargo still in our hold after i clearly remember we sent the cargo back to the freighter after checking it,but who am i to argue
[19:28] (You): ((ignore the roleplay part.)
[19:29] Lei Hanfoi: though kirk said he had no memory of what i was on about it seemed i was contermanded
[19:29] Lei Hanfoi: countermannned 2 to 1
[19:29] (You): did the freight arrive before Capt Randt, or after?
[19:30] Lei Hanfoi: you remember the day we had the 2 ship roleplay and one was a frieghter
[19:31] Lei Hanfoi: tell me im not crazy or makeing things up
[19:32] (You): That is exactly what we are trying to do, LT.
[19:33] (You): It seems that someone or something wants to confuse us. Did you know there are no records reporting freight, cargo, a probe, or even a portla opening on that night? Everything has been deleted
[19:33] (You): portal
[19:33] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I honestly dont remember any frieghter or any cargo....what I remember was you, Lt. and myself discovering a unidentified probe trying to steal and information from the Tranquility computer, and you and I both trapped it in a cargo bay
[19:33] Lei Hanfoi: i remember sio had the ship wait alone way out from spacedock incase the cargo was dangerus
[19:34] Mavric Dean is online.
[19:34] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Commander, maybe you should tell her about what we discovered at her station
[19:35] (You): but that was way before this event.
[19:35] Lei Hanfoi: yes exactly
[19:35] Thallanor Rasmuson perks his ears.
[19:36] Lei Hanfoi: bring me up to speed anyway...since i dont know what im talking about apparently
[19:36] Thorne Xavier (thornexavier) is online.
[19:36] (You): I found residue of a drug called Nepenzodiazaproponiolol, or "Nepenthe", a chemical compound used to induce amnesia in trauma victims. It was heaviest near the tactical console where you were stationed. I believe that someone released this drug in an attempt to conceal these events. and you got a full dose of it
[19:37] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I think it was meant for both of us, but somehow whoever did it, screwed up and missed me
[19:37] Stevan Seriman is online.
[19:38] (You): That is why your memory is inconsistent with Ensign Kirk's. But as long as we help you fill in the blanks, then we will beable to work together more efficiently
[19:40] (You): That and JR seemed to have been experiencing amigraine at the time and that could have thrown the Nepenthe off
[19:40] Lei Hanfoi: ^^ if u say so
[19:42] (You): That is what we have found so far.
[19:42] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Lt. we believe we have discovered a Starfleet cover-up, and we are about to try and figure out whats going on..also Commander, Captain, that certain piece of equipment I mentioned, has arrived, I just have to get it installed
[19:42] (You): explain to Lei what it is.
[19:43] Lei Hanfoi: a cover up involveing who or what
[19:43] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I had to trade a few conisters of warp plasma and a few other things I wont mention for it
[19:43] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Are you sure Commander?
[19:43] (You): and Lei it is also the reason we are discussing this here and not on tranquility. We have taken steps to make sure this ship is secure.
[19:43] Thallanor Rasmuson nods to JR. "Just keep us apprised as to your progress with it."
[19:44] Lei Hanfoi: i am so not understanding what ur all talking about
[19:45] Stevan Seriman is offline.
[19:45] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Lt. Hanfoi, I aquired a Low Frequency Transmitter that will allow the Cheyenne, while cloaked, to get into range of Starfleets mainframe, and hack into the database
[19:45] Lei Hanfoi: why would u need to hack starfleets mainframe ,we are starfleet
[19:47] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes, but what I am trying to access, has been denied access to us, and its the only way to find out whats really going on
[19:49] Lei Hanfoi: cant the capt or Cheif Sio access it with there rank and clearence
[19:50] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Starfleet brass wont let anyone in to it Lt., there is something they are hiding, and there is a reason they did to the Tranquility what they did
[19:51] Glen Wulluf is online.
[19:51] (You): plus, the security clearance is so high I am not sure even I can get into it
[19:51] Lei Hanfoi: can u make clear to me what they did cause i dont seem to remember anything apparently
[19:52] (You): we need to find out who is behind this. Why would someone jeopardize the safety of a station or ship by attempting to wipe clean the memories of its crew?
[19:52] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): but I have aquired special codes, and access numbers to get us into the Starfleets database mainframe undetected, with the transmitter, as long as we are careful
[19:52] (You): here is what we know so far.
[19:53] (You): you and JR detected a probe and captured it in a cargo bay, right?
[19:53] Lei Hanfoi: yes
[19:53] Lei Hanfoi: something like that
[19:54] Lei Hanfoi: the probe was in space not in cargobay
[19:54] (You): shortly after, Capt Randt appeared claiming he was entering via trans-dimensional teleportation from the ISS veracruz in a mirror universe.
[19:55] (You): correct so far despite the precise location of the probe?
[19:55] Lei Hanfoi: yes i recall that
[19:55] (You): then Capt Randt left via shuttle
[19:55] Lei Hanfoi: yes
[19:55] (You): where was the veracruz?
[19:55] Lei Hanfoi: i remember assigning it to him
[19:56] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Veracruz was no where near us Commander
[19:57] (You): and that is the only thing that makes sense so far
[19:57] (You): ((phone))
[19:57] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): ((ok))
[19:57] Lei Hanfoi: ah,im sorry what makes sence ?
[19:58] Lei Hanfoi: it makes no sence that the capt timewarped to the tranquility then got assigned a shuttle
[19:58] Lei Hanfoi: especially in how it relates to a coverup involveing a mainframe
[19:59] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Well he did Lt. and then we have had no contact with him since, the cover-up has to do with the probe, and Captain Randt
[19:59] Lei Hanfoi: or is that the cover up ? how he got time warped?
[20:00] (You): No, it makes sense that the Captain took a shuttle for a ship that was not in dock. Very klittle else makes sense, especially the presence of a drug on OPs
[20:00] (You): little
[20:00] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Him, and how he got timewarped
[20:00] Lei Hanfoi: im thinking the cover up might be how he got time warped in the first place
[20:01] Lei Hanfoi: if i may...
[20:01] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): We think so too, but whatever and however t happened, Starfleet is telling us it never happened
[20:02] Lei Hanfoi: we know that time travel is possible if you go fast enough around a planet and apply the brakes at a high enough speed
[20:02] (You): in fact starfleet has essentially ordered us that it never happened'
[20:02] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): yes, but this is more than just time travel, this is travel to the opposite of our universe
[20:02] Lei Hanfoi: but since we dont know of any ship he used we can only assume the probe was what he arrived on
[20:03] (You) nods
[20:03] Lei Hanfoi: unless...and im only putting it as one possibility
[20:03] (You): I think now you are getting it, Lei, and of course the probe is no longer on board Tranquility and all records of it have nbeen deleted
[20:04] Lei Hanfoi: as kirk and i guessed when the probe was here that it was some sort of recieveing device because it was putting out a high energy reading simalar to a transporter
[20:04] (You): ((get well))
[20:04] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): (( you too sir, get some rest))
[20:04] Thallanor Rasmuson: (( We'll see - I'll be back soon. :) ))
[20:05] (You): which is exactly what we think it was
[20:05] Blade Kenyon is offline.
[20:05] Thallanor Rasmuson is offline.
[20:05] Lei Hanfoi: be well Capt
[20:05] Izzy Sakura Dawnfire (legoshane) is online.
[20:05] Lei Hanfoi: yes so,we argree it was some sort of time travel recieveing device
[20:06] (You): yes
[20:06] Lei Hanfoi: which means there has to be a point in time that it leads back to
[20:06] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): it was like a homing beacon for the transport
[20:06] Lei Hanfoi: yes in a way
[20:07] (You): It must have a point of origin someplace, even though it may be that it can send to anyplaxcce, anywhere it wants to. I am not sure why Starfleet would want to cover this up, though. Time portals are not unknown. The captain and I used one recently while tacking down terrorists
[20:08] Blade Kenyon is online.
[20:08] Lei Hanfoi: so,if it is what we think it is,then its understandable starfleet would want its existance deleted from records incase anyone found out about it and used it to alter our timeline
[20:09] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Well, it could be Starfleet is up to something or trying to hide something they dont want everyone knowing, I mean Captain Randt did say he was held prisoner
[20:10] (You): yes, prisoner, but did he say why he was released?
[20:10] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): but we arent talking about going back into our past...we are talking about going into a parallel universe, where its timeline is totally opposite of ours
[20:10] Lei Hanfoi: as shown in multiple records of starfleet travels your ancestor capt kirk was able to travel back and forth in time more then once
[20:10] Lei Hanfoi: it would make sence starfleet would want it kept quiet
[20:11] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): No, and he did say, "At least they got that part right." but it seems whatever is going on on the other side, Starfleet is trying to stop, or hide for some reason
[20:12] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes I know Admiral Kirk traveled in time, he saved Earth more than once
[20:12] Lei Hanfoi: yes
[20:12] (You): And I want to know what the reason for hiding it is, and what it is they are trying to hide as well.
[20:12] (You): So. here are our options as I see them.
[20:13] (You): We can sit tight and do as Starfleet expects
[20:13] Lei Hanfoi: my point is though with a actual time travel device available if anyone found out about it it could alter anyones history
[20:13] (You): either nothing happens, or something big happens that we could have prevented
[20:13] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I could take an order to forget something happened a lot easier if they hadnt tried to erase our memories and steal our information and make us look like we're stupid
[20:13] Lei Hanfoi: im with u on that one
[20:14] (You): #2 We pursue our inquiry and get caught, which could meana court-martial, or we can bring something out in the open that the established brass aren't aware of.
[20:15] (You): #3 investigate and find nothing
[20:15] Lei Hanfoi: or 4# ignore what we know and do nothing
[20:16] (You): get caught and be publicly humiliated, or not get caught and none the wiser
[20:16] Lan Nakajima is online.
[20:16] (You): and yes, #$ ignore it and do nothing which is really number 1
[20:16] (You): #4
[20:16] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I did break through with a little something, I talked to the COE on board the Sheppard, and he has heard of trans-dimensional travel, but thats all he would say
[20:17] (You): Not much. I could have given you the same answer.
[20:18] Lei Hanfoi: i vote we do nothing,see if things get worse,if they do we investigate,if not..we move on to something else
[20:18] Lei Hanfoi: we shouldnt risk our positions or ranks
[20:19] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Well you both outrank me, and is you say this is it, I will do as you say, but I cant say I wont investigate further on my own time
[20:19] (You): and if things get worse while we wait, we may be too late to act
[20:19] Lei Hanfoi: not without more....obvious reason to investigate
[20:20] (You): normally, I might agree with you, Lei, but when i found the Nepenzodiazaproponiolol, or "Nepenthe", a chemical compound used to induce amnesia in trauma victims
[20:21] Lei Hanfoi: we have friends in intelligence,possibly Cheif sio could quietly have a descreet chat to those she knows
[20:21] (You): shit.Nepenethe, I was convinced that more needed to be done.
[20:22] Lei Hanfoi: aye,more does need to be done,but we need to be careful
[20:22] (You): I can possibly talk to an Intel officer or two, but the fact that Starfleet told us to stop means others may not be so helpful.
[20:22] (You): yes, we need to be careful, and we will be'
[20:22] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I know I am only an Ensign, but darn somebody tampered with my station and my Engineering department, and tried to erase my memory, I dont take kindly to such things
[20:23] Lei Hanfoi: neither do i ensign and i was most effected
[20:23] (You): Here is my fear, What if capt Randt wasn't really Capt Randt
[20:23] (You): ?
[20:23] Lei Hanfoi: your suggesting he was a changling ?
[20:23] (You): no,
[20:24] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I thought about that, and I checked the medical scan Lt. Hanfoi did, everything points it to be him
[20:24] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): his DNA scan, and pattern, everything about him showed to be Captain Randt
[20:24] Lei Hanfoi: yes i remember we verified it was him
[20:25] (You): I am suggesting he was either the mirror universe Capt randt, an imposter, surgically altered to look like Capt Randt, or a brainwashed Capt Randt
[20:25] Lei Hanfoi: how we still dont know but it was
[20:25] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): but I got to thinking, what if our Captain Randt is still back in the other universe, and we got their Captain Randt
[20:25] (You) smiles... in which case the DNA would have been identical...
[20:26] Lei Hanfoi: are u saying he was trying to send a message that he was in distress ,if that were the case why wouldnt he say so
[20:26] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I know someone from the Veracruz, who could tell me if the Captain has seemed different
[20:27] (You): Must be very discreet. ((and before contacting Veracruz, we need to let Capt Randt kniow we are using him))
[20:27] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): ((yes, I can do that if you want, I have him friended))
[20:27] (You): No he wasn't in distress, Lei. he was sent here purposely, hence his comment, "At least they got that right."
[20:27] Lei Hanfoi: what? we cant let capt randt know we are investigateing him
[20:28] (You): ((OOC WE need to let Kinney know our RP mission concerns him. We can't just spring it on him))
[20:29] Lei Hanfoi: there are so many things this whole thing could be covered up over is no wonder starfleet wants all records of it deleted
[20:29] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): ((I am sure he would be happy to, he said he enjoyed rp'ing with us that night))
[20:29] (You): . nods
[20:30] (You): "."
[20:31] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Commander do you still want me to install the transmitter, or hold off until you say so
[20:33] (You): install it
[20:34] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): and let me pass this by you...ok, lets just say the Captain Randt that is here, is the mirror Captain Randt, who is to say that the rest of Starfleet Command hasnt been replaced by their Mirror selves
[20:35] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): if they are able to do it to Captain Randt, then they could do it to anyone
[20:35] LeighAnn Arianne Mantis (leighann.mantis) is online.
[20:35] (You): Well, I don't belive , if that is the case, that Capt Randt is the first
[20:36] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I dont think he will be the last either
[20:36] Alystin Glannath (gwendolineu89) is offline.
[20:36] (You): if that is the case,but it seems the most plausible scenario, which shows how far out on a limb we are.
[20:37] Lei Hanfoi: that would make sence
[20:38] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): if its true, it would mean we could be the only ones who knows something is going may take us to break this wide open
[20:38] (You): So let's make a plan.
[20:39] (You): JR install your toy
[20:39] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): yes ma'am
[20:41] Lei Hanfoi: and see what comes of that ,then plan a course of action ?
[20:41] (You): Lei. make a thorough check of all records, including medical. Check logs of the tactical scanners. They are separate from the main computer but only by a very heavy firewall. See if there is any recoprd of a disturbance, either physical or temporal.
[20:42] Lei Hanfoi: how far back do u want me to go
[20:43] (You): two days before the night in question
[20:43] (You): I will poke around starfleet records. I can use my branch manager's clearance
[20:43] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam,but such a small time frame i wouldnt expect much
[20:44] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) slides a com pad across the table to the Commander with a list of number, and sequences
[20:44] (You): we aren't looking for much. just any kind of discrepancy
[20:44] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam
[20:45] (You): then I want JR working on retrieving deleted files from the computers mainframe
[20:45] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): thats a little something special from a Big Eared Ferrengi who thinks you're cute Commander
[20:50] (You): So, we all have something to do, by the time we meet agin
[20:50] (You): correct?
[20:50] Lei Hanfoi: aye Maam,7pm thirsday ?
[20:50] Lei Hanfoi: thursday*
[20:51] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes ma'am, I should have the transmitter installed and tapped into the mainframe by tomorrow evening this time
[20:51] (You): ((not for me,. <y next night off is next Monday at 7PM. You can still meet with Capt Rasmuson on Thursday and do some planning or whatever.))
[20:52] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): but, until its installed, I will need to shut down all communications and non essential systems on the Cheyenne for at least the next 8 hours
[20:53] (You): understood