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"This Kind Nepenthe" Mission Report for 140422

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Stardate: 140422 ---Official Duty Log---

After reviewing the duty logs of the previous night, I was disappointed that I had missed meeting my old CO, Captain Randt. Of course, as is so often the nature of our profession, Captain Randt's visit was not a social one as he had appeared through a sudden, unexpected vortex from a mirror universe, from the ISS Veracruz. There were questions enough surrounding his visit, including his leaving in a shuttle, and the crew were still discussing the activities as I entered OPs.

Ensign JR Kirk was present and reported that all systems were running properly, but followed that with a statement that "According to Starfleet records, and databases, last night never happened. All codes, files, logs and transmissions about what happened here have disappeared." I had opened my duty log report immediately as it was received, but a second look at this time with ENS Kirk showed no records validating the received report." The Ensign suspected a coverup and had contacted Starfleet Command to drop the matter.

I spent some time questioning the Ensign to ascertain the problem. It appeared the possibilities were:

1. Ensign Kirk imagined all that happened the previous night
2. Ensign Kirk fabricated the initial report
3. All other crew members in Ops were asleep
4. Ensign Kirk was speaking the truth

Ensign Kirk had experienced a severe headache and dizziness during his shift, and feeling that may have something to do with the "report" I followed up on that end since it was unlikely everyone was asleep.

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
XO SS Tranquility

Executive Log --Supplemental -- Handwritten and concealed

I have reason to believe that Ensign Kirks supposition of a coverup is correct. Together, we ran several tests. Normal fluctuations and some levels were consistent with the occurrences of a vortex as was previously reported. What was not evident in these tests, however, was an explanation of why no one, including LT Hanfoi could remember anything that happened.

I ordered a chemical spectrum analysis looking for any compounds, a well as other chemical scans. Nothing really was out of the ordinary, except a tri-corder reading of Nepenzodiazaproponiolol, or "Nepenthe", a chemical compound used to induce amnesia in trauma victims. It was largely abandoned because it often wiped out all memory,a s well as emotion. The residue was located near the tactical bridge. Trace amounts were found throughout the center, but no longer in concentrations strong enough to activate.

How the Nepenthe was placed and discharged is unknown. I want to find out who and why this was done. It appears the crew only has no memory of the previous night's events, so it is possible the actions are those of someone who at least didn't want to endanger the station. Whether that was altruistic, or self preservation remains to be seen, but I will get down to the bottom of this.

Captain Thallanor will be fully briefed, including my suspicions and supplied with all evidence up to this time. I hope he gives the go-ahead to discretely proceed to find out if this is indeed a cover up and whether or not Starfleet, or anyone associated with Starfleet had anything to do with it. Until then this entry and all subsequent entries will not be a part of the official record until such time comes to reveal them.

Siobhan Crystal
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