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"This Kind Nepenthe" Mission Log for 140422

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Location: Oregon


[18:54] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Welcome ma'am'
[18:54] (You) good evening ensign
[18:54] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): How are you this evening?
[18:54] (You): I am well, and you?
[18:55] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I am great thank you.
[18:56] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): All systems are operational, and in tact ma'am.
[18:56] (You): the way tio an engineer's heart is through a smooth running machine, yes?
[18:57] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes for sure ma'am, though I am a bit agitated tonight.
[18:57] (You): oh? how so?
[18:58] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): According to Starfleet records, and databases, last night never happened. All codes, files, logs and transmissions about what happened here have disappeated
[18:58] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): disappeared
[18:58] (You): sounds odd. any theories?
[19:00] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Well funny thing, Lt. Hanfoi reported that we never had an object in the cargo bay, and to forget anything happened, and Starfleet brass are telling me to let it go...any time I try to access anything on the subject, its ACCESS DENIED!
[19:01] (You): sounds like someone wants something hidden.
[19:01] (You): or to keep it hidden
[19:01] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I dont believe Captain Thallanor authorized the download and deletion of our stations computer files and logs either ma'am, I tried to trace the origin, and none of it comes back to the Captain.
[19:02] (You): curiouser and curiouser
[19:02] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Funny thing though ma'am, none of this occured until Captain Randt appeared in Ops last night. Things dont seem quite the same.
[19:02] (You): I cannot imagine the captain ever authorizing something like that
[19:03] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Have you ever heard of anything called a "trans-dimensional transporter"
[19:04] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): or CODE BLACK?
[19:04] (You): only in theory. I've never seen anything or heard of it actually being applied
[19:05] (You): Is that what brought Captain randt here?
[19:05] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): According to Captain Randt, its how he got here, From the mirror universe of our own universe.
[19:06] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): He said he was there for almost a week, but according to our time lapse, he was gone no more than a day
[19:06] (You): in what context did you hear Code Black?
[19:08] (You): or was that only in reference to your inquiry on the Trans-dimensional Transporting?
[19:08] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): When I tried to access Starfleet files on anything to do with trans-dimensional transporter, or multi-dimensional travel, I got a =A= These files and information have been classified, and coded:BLACK, ACCESS DENIED=A= and then I was kicked out of the system
[19:09] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): and then when i tried again, I got a " =A= Files not found, no known information available on subject=A="
[19:10] (You): Very odd. I know in medical circles Code Black refers to a bomb. were the records of last night still intact before you encountered the code black message?
[19:11] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes, I had transfered all information, files and logs into a sub file and was about to save into the ships computer, when something or someone took it
[19:12] (You): Sounds like you may have set off an auto destruct command.
[19:12] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I show no system tampering, or file downloads on my sensors, but there was an authroization issued by Captain Thallanor for a computer core update, thats when it all went blank
[19:12] (You): You and Lt Hanfoi discussed the obect in the csargo bay before, but she denied knowing about it later, is that correct?
[19:13] (You): well, without the captain here, it is difficult to discover if he had anything to do with it or not.
[19:14] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes, she said there had never been any object in cargo bay except for some cargo we confiscated from a Ferrengi freighter and held for inspection, then returned it
[19:14] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): she claimed this occured before I come aboard the Tranquility
[19:15] (You): yet, in your report you discussed the probe before Capt Randt appeared
[19:17] (You) sighs, " I want to keep an open mind, Ensign, but you seem to be the only one who remembers anything. Did you get a good rest before coming on duty?
[19:17] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I have an off the wall theory ma'am, I think somehow, someway, what happened with Captain Randt, altered our timeline, but also that Starfleet is trying to cover it up. I even spoke to Lt. Marshall, in Starfleet headquarters, and she asked me who gave me permission to research that subject, and why I come to her...then I was ordered to forget it.
[19:18] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes ma'am, but shortly after Captain Randt appeared, I started feeling disoriented, and having a headache like I never had before.
[19:18] (You): well, I would take anything LT Marshall says with a grain of salt if she is placing orders. She is not your commander
[19:19] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): No ma'am, true, but every door I open, someone is slamming another shut in front of me...something isnt right, and I plan to get to the bottom of it, if I am able.
[19:19] (You): I want to believe you, but i must rule out that you aren't imagining this asa result of your headache and disorientation as opposed to the headache and disorientation being a result of some sort of temporal flux.
[19:22] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I reported to sickbay after my shift as per orders of Captain Randt. The holodoctor said I showed no abnormalties or serious health issues, but I showed to be overworked and not getting enough rest. Which is funny, I sleep fine each night, and nothing has been keeping me that busy
[19:23] (You): hmmm.. what do you do for relaxation?
[19:24] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I read, meditate, and often take long sonic showers, it helps with my eye for one thing, and my aching muscles
[19:25] (You): been cleared medically. have you performed a scan for any gases, or fumes in the spaces where you work?
[19:27] Teresa Firelight is offline.
[19:27] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes ma'am, no leaks, or fumes detected, core is in tact, and all systems are running normally, the sudden power surge from the probe last night overloaded a couple of panels and a couple conduits, but since our upgrade, the core is designed to take such a surge and disperse it throughout the station to save from a disaster
[19:29] (You): run a spectrum analysis and look for any disparities in light refraction.
[19:30] (You): focus on the console and the location of the vortex
[19:31] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) taps his console, and starts the spectrum analysis, keeping his eye on the console
[19:32] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): got it, the vortex appeared approximately 1.5 meters from the turbolift just outside the CO's office here in Ops
[19:33] (You): when that is completed run an analysis of the air support system. Look any chemiacl or compound residue like ozone, or nitrogen hydroxide
[19:33] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): timestamp shows to be at 19:40:04
[19:34] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) runs atmospheric analysis on Ops at time of vortex appearance
[19:36] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): sensors report a sudden drop in oxygen, and an increase in nitrogen hydroxide and a small percentage of carbon monoxide, but all with in normal parameters for human consumption
[19:36] (You): was Lei at her station up front?
[19:37] (You) nods at his report. That probably accounts for the vortex and the atmospheric disruption.
[19:38] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Yes ma'am, she was at Security, and I was here at Engineering, when the probe and my sensors went balistic for a split second, and then a blinding flash of light, and then there was Captain Randt on the floor
[19:38] Mk 7 Tricorder Holster is [[ONLINE]] and ready for your commands.
[19:39] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Something else keeps bothering me though ma'am
[19:39] (You) walks over to the security console and programs the tricorder as she checks the area.
[19:40] (You): yes, what is that?
[19:40] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): oh excuse me ma'am, Lt. Hanfoi was at tactical, not security
[19:41] (You): that accounts for no readings then
[19:41] (You): moves to Tactical and scans the area
[19:42] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): that Captain Randt said he chose the Tranquility to come back into our universe...he said he knew the Veracruz would have moved, and that the only two stationary locations he knew would never change, were the Tranquility and Pinastri
[19:42] Glen Wulluf is online.
[19:43] (You) smiles as she mutters, "Nepenzodiazaproponiolol. Does that ring a bell?"
[19:43] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): No, what is that?
[19:44] Mk 7 Tricorder Holster: say '/1 unholster' or touch the holster to remove the tricorder from it's case.
[19:44] (You): do you know your Greek mythology?
[19:45] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Wait, just before the vortex appeared, the probe had been in a dormant mode it seemed, and when I increased the sensor power, the probe come to life, and I picked up a transmission of letters, number and synbols coming from the probe at an accelerated rate unlike anything I ever saw before, and I dont know much about Greek Mythology
[19:48] (You): Helen of Troy was given Nepenthe by the wife of an Egyptian nobleman. It made her forget the pain and strife she had caused, although she was actually compelled by a goddess to leave Menelaus to begin with
[19:48] (You): Edgar Allan Poe in his poem "The Raven" mentions "quaff oh qualff this kind nepenthe and forget the lost Lenore."
[19:48] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): so its some type of mind altering drug?
[19:49] (You): Medical research has spent centuries trying to recreate it. Some forms were used to induce amnesia.
[19:50] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): but how would it effect her, and not me though?
[19:50] (You): Nepenzodiazaproponiolol is generally regarded as the closest compound to what is believed to be the ancient nepenthe
[19:51] (You): good question, but my sense is that LT Hanfoi was not already suffering from a headache and disorientation as you were
[19:51] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): No, I don't think she was, she seemed fine, and not affected
[19:52] (You): headaches are often caused by a slight to major chemical imabalance. Yours may have been just enough to offest the Nepenthe
[19:52] (You): offset
[19:53] (You): the good news is, I don't think you were hallucinating
[19:53] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) sighs relaxing just a big
[19:53] (You): the bad news is I think we are in the midst of some huge coverup and the whoever is responsible was on the station last night
[19:53] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): But the million dollar question is, where did it come from and who did it?
[19:54] (You): I think that makes two questions for two million
[19:55] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Oh, and Captain Randt borrowed a shuttlecraft to report to duty. He did use our transporter, which didnt seem strange last night, but when i thought about it today, it made no sense.
[19:55] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): didnt
[19:55] (You) chuckles and smiles broadly. "You know, my parents were always disappointed that I spent so much time reading ancient history and religions and didn't follow in the family business."
[19:56] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) laughs to himself, "well I am very glad you did your own thing ma'am, otherwise they might be trying to put me in the nut house"
[19:57] (You): They always claimed i was too much of a romantic and thwere was no practicality in my studies
[19:58] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): nothing wrong with being a romantic, hehehe
[20:01] (You): especially when it can be put to a practical use. You see, my family are all doctors. My father , brother are surgeons.my sister is a research medical scientist who specializes in exotic compounds and my mother is a very respected psychologist. I am the black sheep, but I know my science and I know my history and if either has taught me anything we are on treacherous ground
[20:02] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Wow, well you dont look like a black sheep to me ma'am, if that counts for anything, :)
[20:05] Hermione Swallowtail (hermione.highwater) is online.
[20:05] (You): why thank you. I must color my roots well
[20:06] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): hehehe, leans over looking at your roots, hmmm I think very well, hehehe
[20:06] (You) laughs
[20:08] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I have a feeling Starfleet will be launching a new ship soon ma'am
[20:08] (You): oh? what and when?
[20:08] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Dean Quron has been preparing to launch a new Defiant Class ship called the USS Nightstalker
[20:09] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): I have seen it, and she's a magnificent ship
[20:09] (You): nice. I like the name too. reminds me of my university days
[20:10] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Oh? why is that?
[20:13] (You): "besides Nightstalker being a euphemism for Old Eastern European vampires,... oh, nothing at all......" changes the subject. "I prefer to not pursue this matter openly. the coverup that is, and we do need to let the captain know,. He may say we shouldn't proceed, but my curiosity is piqued now.
[20:13] (You): and I rarely give upon anything i am interested in
[20:14] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk) makes note to himself to research Siobhan and Nightstalker after she is gone, "I agree ma'am, maybe Captain Thallanor can shne some light on this whole ordeal"
[20:15] (You): maybe, we can hope so at least.
[20:16] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): Maybe I can poke around at Pinastri and some of the people I know to see what else I can find out
[20:16] (You): good idea, but be careful
[20:16] (You): and discrete
[20:17] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): yes for sure, I dont wont to end up being ejected out of some airlock, hehehe
[20:17] (You): no, I definitely wouldn't want that
[20:18] (You) corrects herself, "WE definitely wouldn't want that." smiles
[20:18] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): maybe if we discuess the more in the future, we should do it on the Cheyenne, uotside of Starfleet eyes and ears
[20:19] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): :)
[20:19] (You): Possibly, but we should assume that no matter where we are there will always be eyes and ears nearby
[20:21] JR Kirk (mocapitankirk): very true, but I might be able to ummmm fix up something that we can use to protect us in case of sudden atmosphere loss, you know in case a power loss, or if the station gets in trouble, *makes a motion to signal changing subject to confuse any outside ears*
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