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Mission Briefing ----140410

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Ensign MoCapitanKirk
Mission Report
Stardate: 14.04.10
Lotcation: SS Tranquility

Thursday night, during routine maintenance and diagnostics tests in Ops, Captain Rasmuson, Lt. Hanfoi and Ensign Kirk were on duty, when a unknown probe of some kind seemed to scan the SS Tranquility.

Lt. Hanfoi picked it up on the stations sensors, as increase in energy outside the station. Security sensors picked up the probe outside the station but was unable to read its transmission.

Ensign Kirk picked up a sudden power flux in Main Engineering, and noticed that the ships computer and systems were being read.

Lt. Hanfoi informed Captain Rasmuson about the situation, and suggested shields should be raised to try and stop the probee. Upon raising shields, whatever was downloading the stations information, shut down transporters, sensors, replicators and the turbolifts.

Trapped in Ops, Captain Rasmuson ordered Ensign Kirk to do whatever necessary to get to Main Engineering and attempt to stop the probe. Kirk was able to get the turbolift to work, and found Main Engineering wassealed off by a force field.

Back in Ops, Captain Rasmuson asked for any ideas. Ensign Kirk suggested an old tactic he learned in Earth History from his Academy days. He suggested shutting down the Tranquility's systems and do a reboot forcing the anomaly out of Engineering.

Given the ok, Ensign Kirk did as ordered, and rebooted the systems, while Lt. Hanfoi was able to transport the probe into an empty cargo bay and trap it in a force field.
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