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Mission Report --- 140331 ---Smokescreen

Posted: 140414.1925
by Siobhan Crystal
FCAPT Siobhan Crystal reporting stardate 140331
XO SS Tranquility
Mission: Smokescreen
Stardate: 14.03.31
Sector: Delta

Approximately at 2100 hours, the Cheyenne, while on a explorer mission to examine a strange anomaly, suddenly encounters a computer systems malfunction.

The warp drive suddenly goes offline, and all main computer systems go offline. The backup system kicks in preventing any problem to occur on board ship.

Alerts all over the ship go off, and control panels on the bridge begin to stop working, and the Engineering section of the bridge become totally unresponsive. Upon a sudden look in Main Engineering, its discovered the Main Computer has become useless, as it has been totally disabled.

The Cheyenne's Main Computer was just recently installed 2 weeks prior to the mission. There are UFS Science/Engineering analysts on board to witness the new systems incorporation into the new ship.

As of now, the ship has limited shields and only capable of full impulse power. Ensign Kirk was injured when a computer panel in Engineering exploded in his face and torso. He is in sickbay being treat while the Cheyenne tries to maneuver away from the anomaly.

(Log submitted by ENS JR Kirk, Engineering)