140227 Mission Report --Cheyenne to the Rescue- Tally Ho

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140227 -- Cheyenne to the Rescue Tally-Ho!
Part One : The Long Day's Journey Into Night

Subspace status reports from near Relos IV were received. In what was already being called the Second Battle of Ayapeliat, the Veracruz and others sustained significant damage, but were still functional. Tranquility led the efforts to re-fit the task force and sent several small combat ships as well as the USS Cheyenne loaded with engineering personnel and supplies to assist in repairs.

CAPT Rasmuson and FCAPT Crystal led the crew of the Cheyenne which would stay and assist in combat support after unloading its cargo.

Progress to the location of the fleet was uneventful until approximately 26 hours from arrival when sensors picked up a squadron of Nausicaan raiders slightly starboard. At the time of discovery, the raiders had not been behaving in a belligerent manner, but seemed to be patrolling the area. This changed when the Cheyenne and its flotilla were discovered.

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