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140217 -- Mission Report -- Don't Mess With My Zoic

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Siobhan Crystal
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Sciences - Lieutenant
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Stardate -- 140217

SS Tranquility received word that a fanatical anti-Federation group of terrorists known as the Mesozoans stole a "doomsday device." The device was actually a tri-nuclear cobalt bomb (TNC) that had been developed in the late 22nd century. The program had been scrapped when it was discovered the devastating effects of the bomb would literally sterilize the planet, wiping out all oxygen breathing life. This of course rendered it useless as either an offensive or defensive weapon since it would wipe out all combatants and civilians alike.

While the possession of the TNC was problematic enough, the true aim of the Mesozoans was to wipe out any trace of the Federation, even its history. To that end, the terrorists also procured a "Q-like" device that enabled time transfer. Terrorist leaked communications led to the belief that a small group of Mesozoans would time travel back to Earth's Mesozoic era and detonate the device. Giving their own lives for the glory of the rebellion and eradicating all present life on Earth.

The portal for the time jump was placed on a small planet in the Delta quadrant approximately 4 light years from Pinastri..

Tranquility was tasked with the following:

1. Find the portal
2. Send a small group of volunteers to travel back in time to destroy the device
3. Apprehend the Mesozoans if possible
4. Be sure to not upset any possible future timeline. This included killing of any living thing, flora and fauna
5. If possible to return, insure that no biological matter was brought back to the present time period.

Of course, if the device detonated the mission was moot since all Terran life as we know it would cease to exist.

Tranquility sent three volunteers in a Danube-class shuttle to track down the terrorists, CO Thallanor Rasmuson, an equine, XO Siobhan Crystal the only Terran, and Science Crewman Fidget, a Caitian. The small crew followed the coordinates and easily found the portal the Mesozoans had taken. Crewman Fidget was left at the portal point in order to insure the device would remain open for a return. Utilizing enhanced programming on the tricorder Fidget was able to maintain a steady power flow. Captains Rasmuson and Crystal then transported to Mesozoic age earth. By the appearance of the flora and wildlife, approxiamalely 72-75 millions years in Eatrh's past nearing the end of the Cretaceous period. They were nearly run over by a small raptor that crossed their landing point.

Triangulating their tricorders they set off in search of the TNC. They were careful to avoid as much animal life as possible. Taking quick shelter when a group of larger velociraptors appeared, but did not approach any closer. Alone, the relatively small animal would not have presented a severe difficulty for the two crew members, but a large group, even with phasers on stun would have proved problematical.

The bomb was found on a small rocky promontory overlooking a waterfall and a lagoon. Nearby were found three corpses of what was suspected were members of the Mesozoans. They had been badly mauled and one partially devoured. the bomb was quickly defused by Captain Rasmuson. FCAPT Crystal kept watch and warned of an approaching Tyrannosaur, which possibly could have been the cause of the Mesozoan's demise. Taking cover in a nearby alcove they were relieved when the tyrannosaur was distracted by a smaller predator and a Plesiosaurus that had emerged from the lagoon.

Rasmuson and Crystal were able to place the bomb in an anti-gravity sling and transport it to the still open time portal. They did a thorough scan of one another with tri-corders and were careful to remove any organic materials before taking the portal back to the present.

The TNC was destroyed dismantled on the shuttle and individual pieces vaporized via the transporter.

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