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Mission -- 140206-- Back to the Future

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Siobhan Crystal
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Sciences - Lieutenant
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Mission -- Star Date 140206

While on a routine test of a runabout, Capt Thallanor Rasmuson, CO and FCAPT Siobhan Crystal received a distress call from a small, previously uncharted asteroid. On approach, sensor revealed a hollow core from which the distress call came. Tranquility was contacted and backup was requested. Meanwhile, CAPT Rasmuson and FCAPt Crystal beamed to the core. They materialized in a verdant garden that was enclosed within a metal barrier. The garden itself surrounded on three sides a stone structure. Sensors revealed some machinery inside, but no sentient life forms. Finally, finding what appeared to be an alcove in the wall. they approached. The grinding of machinery inside became louder as a fine mist was noticed and both captains were soon unconscious.

Regaining consciousness, Captain Rasmuson found himself inside a cell. FCAPT Crystal had been removed to what appeared to be a laboratory, and facing Capt Rasmuson was what appeared to be a human female. She explained her purpose in diverting space traffic was to continue the works of her creator, Master Flint, who had been trying to recreate the fountain of youth. She referred to him by hie Earth name, Methuselah and further explained that he had lost the gift of everlasting life when he left his home planet. His remaining days were spent trying to reconstruct the secret. He created Asami to assist and left her with that order. Asami felt very close to a breakthrough using regenerative nanite technology and was in the process of preparing Captain Crystal for the procedure.

After Asami left, Captain Rasmuson tried to find a means of escape, but could not. When Asami returned she felt pleased the procedure had succeeded and informed Captain Rasmuson it was his turn. On passing by the recovery table on which laid his XO he was shocked to see she had been regressed to approximately 12 years old. This was confirmed by Asami. She explained how she had given the gift of everlasting youth to the XO. Rasmuson tried to explain that by taking away her maturity, Asami had stripped the XO of her present. He then asked if he could not be regressed as much. Asami didn't understand why, but acquiesced. Following the procedure Captain Rasmuson emerged with the physical age of an individual in his mid-twenties. FCAPT Crystal by this time was very distraught at the possibility of never ageing past the age of an adoloescent.

After much discussion and convincing, Capt Rasmuson used reason to cnvince Asami that she needed to do what she could to reverse the process on FCAPT Crystal. Asami said once the nanites completed their task the process could not be duplicated, but believed that gene signatures within the transporter might help. Crystal accepted the risk and she was beamed to a position in mid-space, then quickly returned. with any impurities removed. The procedure was a partial success as the XO returned to a physical age also in the mid-twenties.

Asami was assured that she would be able to continue her research, under mre controlled situations with Federation oversight. Asami agreed and awaited a science team's arrival. Capt Rasmuson and FCAPT Crystal returned to SS Tranquility, not surprisingly, feeling much more energetic than when they had departed.

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