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Mission --131125 -- Warp Bomb

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Mission --131125 -- Warp Bomb

Tranquility received word that a working prototype of a top secret device, informally called, "The Warp Bomb," had been stolen by unknown agents and was last seen heading toward Pinastri and Tranquility space via a Danube-class space shuttle. Captain Rasmuson, recognizing the sensitivity of the event limited Ops personnel on only to those with sufficient clearance. Among those being FCAPT Siobhan Crystal, Tranquility XO, Acting Security Chief LT Lei Hanfoi, and Intel Officer, ENS Marshall Fiesta. Scans were immediately initiated as well as a temporary lock down of the docking bays for ships arriving and departing.

Shortly after receiving word of the theft, a freighter, followed closely by a Romulan Bird of Prey exited warp near the station. Initially, it was believed the Romulan vessel may have been pursuing the freighter for unknown reasons. The freighter, however, was not sending a distress call. Indeed, it was the Romulan Bird of Prey requesting permission to dock for emergency repairs. Given the delicate nature of current events, both vessels were instructed to hold position at 300,000km while external scans, and some questioning between the captains was conducted.

It seems both vessels were aware of a shuttle near the vicinity of their respective positions when they entered warp. While reasonably near each other to begin with each vessel had a different destination. Each vessel lost track of the shuttle spotted previously, but while in warp, the freighter experienced a sudden push as though riding a tidal wave. The Romulan's however experienced the opposite effect and felt as though they had run into a wall, albeit one that did not halt progress, but in the act of impeding it, managed to overwork many of the systems on the Romulan ship.

It should be noted the so-called warp bomb was designed to detonate at warp speeds. The effects f such an explosion were still being tested, but computer models revealed the possibility of creating a rift that would open a portal to another dimension. Still another model expressed the possibility of creating a chain reaction that would snowball until it formed a black hole. Other models were not so positive.

Concerning the location of the respective ships, it was considered a distinct possibility that the warp bomb's containment shielding may have been damaged, or breeched during its unauthorized transport and detonated. Given this information and scans reporting the truthfulness of the Romulan damage, the vessels were allowed to dock. Medical personnel were instructed to be on hand to help crew members of the Bird of Prey.

The next step would be to ascertain not only the status of the thieves' shuttle, but their identity as well.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
XO SS Tranquility
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