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Mission- Ghost Station ---131028

Posted: 131101.2038
by Siobhan Crystal
Mission- Ghost Station ---131028

Tranquility CO, CAPT Thallanor Rasmuson, XO, FCAPT Siobhan Crystal, and Security Officer LTJG Lei Hanfoi were testing a new shuttle when a communication was received from Outpost Zeta 1 that an unusual nebula-like cloud was approaching when all transmission stopped. Since the runabout was already in the general vicinity it was decided to do a preliminary investigation pending the arrival of the larger security and emergency crew from SS Tranquility. As the runabout neared Outpost Zeta 1, it was apparent something had happened. Sensors were showing minimal life forms and none of them human. The three docked in a shuttle bay and immediately encountered several dead bodies. The medical bay revealed strange footprints leaving a corpse and a pool of blood but suddenly disappearing. Several decks had small fires, and the only true life forms seemed to be voracious rats that attacked on sight.

A search of Ops proved fruitless as there was no trace of anyone , although a strange cloud hung about close to the floor, but sensors indicated nothing noxious, or life threatening. The docking bay opposite proved to be the first sign of any life, but they seemed to be more re-animated corpses, which approached in a threatening manner and needed to be destroyed. It was directed that the crew coming in from Tranquility get tissue samples.

Science Lab was another odd find. The stasis tubes used for examinations showed signs of being tampered with, but a check of records showed it was crew member who reversed polarity and then changed the combination of gases from one that was oxygen-rich to one that was acidic. Records revealed that upon activation any organic lifeform would be effectively vaporized. Logs showed at least three crew members had met such a fate.

Engineering seemed to provide the final clues and it was determined that it was in this area that the initial problems began. For some reason, as yet unknown the Chief Engineer somehow managed to decompress the entire deck. This began a chain reaction of events, either through oxygen deprivation, or whatever, the results are as yet still incomplete, that proved fatal to the crew. Shipping manifests revealed that the rats were actually in transit to another destination, but had apparently been released by the crew member who was in turn killed and partially devoured by the rats.

Needless to say Rasmuson, Crystal, and Hanfoi were grateful to see the arrival of the Investigation Team from Tranquility and after a quick debriefing made their way back home.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
XO, SS Tranquility