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The Game's Afoot --- 131007

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Siobhan Crystal
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UFS Civilian
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Mission Brief

Stardate 131007----

A busy day for SS Tranquility as an unusually large number of arrivals resulted in one of the higher traffic days in recent memory. Among the many arrivals were several freighters either enroute to Pinastri or docking for repairs before proceeding more deeply into the quadrant. Captain Rasmuson, CO of the Tranqility was happy to greet two new crew members and was in the process of getting some background, when he suddenly felt rather dizzy. This moment soon passed and he appeared to shake it off and continued. Executive officer FCAPT Crystal assigned one of the new members Kimberly 1 of 4 (K1-4) to the tactical station while Luna 3 of 4 (L3-4) was placed at the science station. Ensign Quinn Fitzgerald was at Ops and FCAPT Crystal took a spot at the command console along with Capt Rasmuson and each station was directed to run a series of Level 1 diagnostics.

What was hoped would be a routine systems check proved to not be so routine. It was expected after a recent retrofit, that there would be some fluctuation, but this proved not to be the case as different unexplained readings seemed to pop up from all around the station. Readings of energy surges, spherical and cubic objects, and the strange vocalizations of our two new cyborg crew members, coupled with the increased dizziness affecting Capt Rasmuson sent everyone looking for a cause and a solution. At several times both L3-4 and K1-4 were sounding like the long dead Borg species, even going so far as to claim to see Borg spacecraft off the starboard side of the station. There were no sensor readings from any station that confirmed such sightings. ENS Fitzgerald was showing Ms. Crystal that his readings were revealing nothing out of the ordinary when his entire console froze and went dark.

Additional scans were indicating that there was nothing outside the station, but most of the disturbance was located starboard. Capt. Rasmuson, who by now had sat at the forward Comm station to continue his work, kept complaining of seeing something out of the corner his eye. FCAPT Crystal wanted to rule out sabotage or something inadvertently brought in by one of the new arrivals, but decided to limit her search to the starboard docking bays and directed LtJG Lei Hanfoi to lead a security team with an added member from engineering to investigate.

Meanwhile, there was increased Borg chatter in Ops, despite the lack of any visual proof. However, the Ops console suddenly regained power and new readings verified the presence of a virus, which seemed to be hopping back and forth between the center console and Capt Rasmuson. The CO refused to accept this as he was a true organic and had no computer parts within him, but readings did show the presence of a virus nonetheless.

Suddenly an armed Borg appeared in front of the Tactical console causing FCAPT Rasmuson to reach for her Type 1 phaser, as ineffective as it might be, but all readings, despite appearances to the contrary indicated the Borg, which was speaking the normal Borg assimilation gibberish, was NOT there. Ens Fitzgerald determined that the virus had jumped to K1-4 arm implant and had used that to make a holographic visualization. Kimberly 1 of 4 was ordered t have a full Level One diagnostic and virus removal run on her systems.

LTJG Lei Hanfoi reported that all readings were leading to a freighter docked near Bay 3, the SS Bucephalus, and she made her way onto the ship. Ms Hanfoi reported that the source had finally been found in the personal datafiles of a young crewman who hoped to design his own holodeck program. He was using old programming he had picked up at another port and had not installed proper safeguards, resulting in a jump of the programming to any nearby processors used in cyborg and artificial life technology. It was unable to penetrate Tranquility's safeguards which caused the apparent "jumping" back and forth, but it was able to affect K1-4 and L3-4's processors.

All such technology was ordered to be reviewed. Capt Rasmuson went to sick bay where he was diagnosed with a coincident equine flu virus and was ordered to bed for one cycle. And the Level 1 systems checks resumed.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal
XO SS Tranquility
SB: UF Starfleet Historian

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