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Acid Refux ---- 130923

Posted: 131003.2028
by Siobhan Crystal
Star Date 130923 ---

SS Tranquility received a distress call from the USS Buchanan, a federation ship carrying several high-ranking diplomats that it was having difficulty navigating. Sensors indicated some sort of nebulous entity, but communications were spotty between the vessel and the station. Cadet AztecDerp was on had to assist with the Science station, while Engineering and Security were tasked with finding the cause of the breakdown. Once the Buchanan was within tractor range it was guided into a quarantined area off Space Dock 3. Reports of ship individuals trapped on decks with little or no life support resulted in mass teleportations of personnel to a safezone on SS Tranquility. It was eventually determined the nebula was primarily made up of Polytrinic Acids and was targeting wiring, and cables. EVA suits were also affected by the acid, but only to the point where their protection was estimated at little more than an hour. The diplomats being safely on board, and the substance of the nebula discovered, Science worked on a solution, which turned out to be an actual solution consisting primarily of Hazorbine, Spilfyterol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide. This would prove to be one of the largest "antacids" in Starfleet history. The compound was literally sprayed on the nebula which dissipated enough where it could be safely vented and destroyed.

Damage to the USS Buchanan was extensive, but ship's records remained intact so a thorough investigation could be made. Sadly, there were twenty civilian and military personnel from the Buchanan who did not survive. Authorities and families were being contacted through traditional channels.

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Ammonium Hydroxide
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