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120511 - Mission announcement

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Captain Rasmuson looked to his watch; a memento given to him by a close friend. He looked up as the turbolift doors opened and he stepped out into Tranquility Ops. As expected, a junior officer approached, PADD held out to him. "The USS Eclipse requests permission to depart," the officer explained. Thallanor reached for the PADD and briefly flipped through the vessel's manifests and other pertinent details, quickly adding some additional notes. "Permission granted," the stallion nickered, returning the PADD. The officer nodded and returned to his post while Thallanor proceeded to a window, looking out over the shuttle bay. Hands clasped behind he back, he watched as construction continued below. A smile pulled slightly at the corner of his mouth, seeing how the vessel was coming together so well after only a few days. "It'll need a name," he thought to himself. An ear flicked as he thought back to his studies of Earth history. "The Ogden," the equine thought, nodding slightly to himself.

Making his way towards a console, he began composing a communique to his officers:

"On stardate 120311 at 13:00 hours, all SS Tranquility officers are expected to be in Ops for a special announcement that will shape the future of Tranquility and your roles within it."

He paused a moment, looking at the console, trying to decide what else to write down. Instead, he left it at that and sent it. Shaking out his mane briefly, he then looked over at Ops, watching as officers moved about and worked over consoles, performing their duties.

They made him proud. Now, it was his turn to make them proud.
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