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110630 - Jagged Edge: Picking up the Pieces

Posted: 110706.2030
by Kinney Randt
United Federation Starfleet
Tranquility Station
=A= Captain's Log =A=
Cmdr Kinney Randt Rhode recording

Stardate: 110630
Approximately 15 minutes by shuttle from Pinastri

Alert Status: Yellow

Repairs are underway to the station, and our search for the shuttle seen on sensors right before the explosions is intesifying. Security has little evidence so far, but we're all pretty confident of the message sent by Orion's Sword to Tranquility. We stung them, and they want to sting us back. Getting back the USS Magwitch was not optional, but to lose 5 crew members is still a high price. For the record, the following officers were killed in the explosions:

LT Brian Thompson. JAG
LT Mark Phelps, JAG
LT (jg)Ted Rumpakis, Supply
LT(jg)Kelly Paulson, Yeoman
Ensign Preva Feldshuh, Astrophysics

I hate writing these letters, it brings back too many memories of other losses. Regardless, it needs to be done.

Between security and science, we should have the evidence needed. I'm asking the ops team to also send out a copy of our sensor nformation on the shuttle to the fleet so the ships in range can keep an eye out.

With luck, we'll catch them before we lose anyone else.


In service
Kinney Randt-Rhode

Re: 110630 - Picking up the Pieces

Posted: 110706.2049
by Kinney Randt
*Crew Roster*

CO Cmdr Kinney Randt
XO Lt Cmdr Aryela Dagger

Chief EngineerCmdr Vulpina Howley

Chief of OperationsLt Tess Tison
Operations Officer Lt Leighann Mantis
Operations Officer Lt jg Piper Hagel

Chief of Security Lt Jamie Czavicevic
Security Officer Lt Cmdr Brent Darkwyr
Security Officer Lt jg Siobhan Crystal

Chief Science Officer Lt Cmdr Garethya Mongrain
Asst Chief Science Officer LTjg Scottybrit "Skot Brit" Resident

Cadet Observer Cadet Mac Gaelyth

Re: 110630 - Picking up the Pieces

Posted: 110711.1410
by Garethya Mongrain
United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
=A= Mission Log from Science
Mission: Picking Up the Pieces =A=
CSO Garethya Mongrain recording

Stardate: 110630
Location: SS Tranquility

Log entry:

Mission for Science is to review the information gathered from the Sensor readings on the unidentified civilian craft that was observed just prior to the explosions.

Ops has been busy gathering information from the blast sites in JAG, Cmdr Randts quarters, and the sensors, as to the explosives used.

Medical is tasked with attending to the injured and informing Cmdr Randt of the identity of 5 deceased crewmen.

Individual Reports:
It has been 24 hours since the explosions that rocked Tranquility. Sensors are now at 23%, so shuttles were sent out to patrol the area.

I have requested and received sensor readings from various Federation shuttles that were in the area prior to the explosions and compared them to readings from Tranquility. Information obtained from the "Horizon" confirms the path of the unauthorized civilian shuttle seen in our vicinity. It came from Orion space with a direct course to Tranquility's Sector. Two other crafts, "The Serendipity" and The Cardinale" also validated the course.

Information was gathered on the explosives used and sent to the Forensic Science department for analysis. I have tasked XCSO Skotty Brit with a follow-up report.

Conclusion: At Cmdr Randts request, the information on the civilian craft was sent to all Federation ships so they can be on the lookout for them.

In Service
Lt. Cmdr Garethy Mongrain
CSO-SS Tranquility.

Received from XCSO Skotty Brit......

United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
SS 001
=A= Mission Log from Science =A=

Stardate: 110630
Location: 300 million km in opposing orbit of Pinastri IV

Log entry:

The day after the explosions on Tranquility, our investigation continued. Our sensors were restored to 23%, not a great amount, but certainly better than none at all. Our probes were still out and orbitting nicely. Security briefed the Commander of forensics and security's recent findings. We were also each issued a phaser just in case. Instead of chronological order, I'll explain what went on minus the chrono (in logical order).

Being in science, perhaps that's where I'll start. Our duties were mostly along the lines of comparing sensor data. We were looking for evidence of a shuttle that we found in our space about the time of the explosions, some of it was from our own probes, and some from the other stations. So Lt Cmdr Mongrain . The two Type 5 Probes that we launched had quite a range, some 4,300,000,000,000 km. We were also getting data from numerous Runabouts that were deployed. Tranquility must have looked like a beehive that had a rock thrown at it because of all the vessels and whatnot flying around it in such a hurry. This in combination with the sensor logs from the other stations painted a clear picture of a shuttle heading towards Orion space. This shuttle matches the one that we may have picked up on sensors, but it definitely matches the one recorded on the logs we got from a freighter that came into our space. We are still working on it's point of origin, as it will illuminate the location of an attack on a freighter, which I will now explain.

There was a freighter that sent an emergency message It was on a collision course with Tranquility. Apparently it had been attacked my a shuttle, and as unlikely as the result of damage seems, it had somehow caused it to lose the ability to come out of warp or to steer. It was headed straight for the station.

Initially, I didn't see any evidence of this attack, but something must be amiss, as travelling at a rate of warp 2 (12,000,000 kmph) and considering the range of the probes, it would have to have been attacked almost 358333.33 hours ago (nearly 15,000 days). I find it highly unlikely that someone would have the foresight to attack a freighter 40 years in advance of an attack. I suspect the reason for lack of data on the attack is either because their story is untrue, there was some sort of malfunction, or the sheer amount of data that each probe collects is so vast that the information got lost in the shuffle. Personally, I'd wager on the last one. Perhaps a search using a new algorithm would yield better results. Thanks to the data from the other stations, we have more variables to input, so this may become possible. I will say that the evidence from the freighter's sensors is compelling, but it would be nice to have the probe's backup.

The freighter's inability to stop was a distinct problem, as it was a class 7 comercial freighter (6 decks) Carrying 8 megatons worth of cargo. Considering that the freighter unloaded would have a mass of some 100,000 tons, and the mass of an object increases as it approaches the speed of light... and it was already at warp 2... sufficed to say it wasn't about to screech to a hault on it's own, nor would it's impact be a glancing blow. This was going to take a lot of tractor beams, and perhaps some fire power.

Cmdr Howley took off in the Turin II and lead shuttles that I lost count, ready to sort of... lasso the frieghter using the tractor beams. In adittion to their tractors, we also reveresed the pull of Tranquility's beam, hoping to push the freighter while the other vessels pulled.

We had hoped to fire at their engines, thereby disabling them. It was a move that we didn't want to have to make, and hoped ot do this as a last result. Understandably, after getting a weapons lock they responded with fear and asked that we not fire upon them. The situation was explained to them.

We discovered this would not be possible. Lt Crystal had a brilliant thought of "look for what I didn't see." and thought to have the freighter scanned for unusual energy readings. Lt. Czavicevic showed me some results and I agreed that they were an explosive device. It became clear that they would go off if the warp engines were brought offline, almost as though it had to maintain a speed of warp 2, and if it dropped below that speed the bomb would explode. This sounds familiar from something, but I can't remember what.

And EOD team was deployed to disable it. This is excellent news, as with it in tact we can compare it to our findings from the other bombs.

That left it up to our cowboys. Remarkably, after much tugging and pulling on the part of a veritable cavalry of shuttles, the freighter was safely brought to a stop and drydocked.

Still, we are again under lockdown, as we don't wish another attack. Two attacks in as many days certainly warrants such a precaution.

Individual Reports:
Comparitive sensor log data from both the freighter and the stations have given much help in narrowing the field of the first two initial probes. New figures and result should be available as the math is finalized.

Also, we launched two new probes to replace the other two that were brought in. They were given the same telematry as the first.

The trigger system was indeed set to ignite when warp engines were suddenly dropped or disabled. The catalyst system was identical to the one we recovered, as well as the chemicals involved. The mix and proportion of them was so close, that it could be said with high probability that it was prepared by the same person. In adition, this one had the casing fully intact, so the... serial number was also complete. There was a match to the three Klingon symbols found on the casing fragment.

Although we can't be sure whether the three numbers were found at the begining, middle, or end, the fact that they both have these three numbers, and it happens to be at the begining, means that it's possible they came from the same ship, and that we can compare other parts of the ship. The Klingons have not always been terribly open regarding their ship numbering system, not surprising, but perhaps we know enough to work out what ship it came from.

It never fails to impress me the amount of planning and scheming that is contained in the Orion's apparent chaos. It's hard to determine what it would take to cause these attacks to cease. The Orions are many things, but quitters and comprimisers they aren't known for being. And as a culture they have a long memory, much longer than our relations with them

As for that shuttle, we aren't pursuing it at the moment. Still, it will probably be back. When it returns, we'll better be able to recognize it. The odds of picking it out among the multitude of craft that comes into our vicinity is quite low, but not impossible.

In Service
Lieutenant (jg) ScottyBrit
Asst Chief Science Officer, SS Tranquility

Re: 110630 - Picking up the Pieces

Posted: 110712.0026
by Tess Tison
United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
=A= Operations Log=A=
Mission Name: Picking Up The Pieces

Stardate: 110630 ((backdated for storyline, mission physically ran 110706))
Location: SS Tranquility Station, Approximately 15 minutes by shuttle from Pinastri
Ops Staff: LT Tess Tison, LT LeighAnn Mantis, LTjg Piper Hagel

Log Entry:

The station was in a state of disarray from a series of bomb blasts, and operations was assisting to get things back in order. We monitored systems and ran diagnostics. We assessed which systems were operational and which were in need of repair. We also assisted with the investigation into the attack, plus we handled all of the stations external communications. There were some power failures on about 15 of the civilian decks, and we received reports that some of the civilians were beginning to panic. But do the quick assurances of the operations teams, we were able to get that situation under control before it became a major issue. All of this was keeping the operations team extremely busy.

Then a new emergency came up. A freighter was attacked by the fleeing saboteur shuttle. The freighter lost control of their navigation and propulsion systems, and was on an collision course with the station. They hailed us for help. Operations handled communication with the incoming ship, and coordinated the efforts by engineering and tactical to help stop the ship before it collided with the station. Operations also got a transporter lock on all of her crew, in case an emergency beam out was necessary.

In the midst of that emergency, tactical teams located an unexploded ordinance and needed to disarm it. Operations provided logistical support on this operation as well.


Individual Log: LT LeighAnn Mantis
Position During Mission: Main Operations

Lt. Mantis accessed the Main Ops station and worked on maintaining the power flow to all damage-inflicted areas on SS Tranquility so repair teams could have unobstructed access. While doing that, she also ensured that the internal sensors closed down by the Magwitch command codes were back online and running properly.

Since SS Tranquility was not at full power, Lt. Mantis also began the process of shutting down some non critical sensors. upon receiving permission from Lt. Tison. After shutting down power to non-essential areas and systems, Lt. Mantis then rerouted power to the areas of importance through the station so that the repair teams could do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Shortly thereafter, Lt. Mantis discovered that SS Tranquility files had been hacked and scanned; personal files were missing, but other information were still intact. Upon further examination, Lt. Mantis discovered through the use of internal ops sensors that the data had been encrypted with a virus that was only on peripheral sensors and was easily fixable without endangering the main computer.

Once the virus was eradicated, Lt. Mantis notified civilians that she was shutting down power to both the lounge and replicator due to the need for power to more critical areas and to evacuate to the nearest safe areas. After civilians were secure in safe areas, Lt. Mantis completed the shutting down of power in non essential areas/systems.

From that point on, Lt. Mantis used the main Ops station to maintain power levels on the station. There was a brief riot involving panicky civilians who tried to hack the power grid to use the replicators, but Lt. Mantis quelled it via the comlink.

In the midst of maintaining power levels, Lt. Mantis was ordered by Lt.. Tison to prepare and launch probes that would replace runabouts that were being used to compensate for the station's lost sensors. Lt. Mantis did as ordered and quickly launched the probes.


Individual Log: LTjg Piper Hagel
Position During Mission: Communications

At 17 00 hours I took my place at the comm station, and checked on the systems to make sure that there where all good. The Station On lock down and hull is being fixed and power was down in some areas. I coordinated communication with the security teams investigating the incident. They discovered that the bombs that went off on the station were of Orion Device with Klingon influence. Commander Randt ordered that all officers were to be armed until the power and everything was back up too 100%.

Lt. Mantis started shutting down some of the non critical internal sensors to help boast power to the station a little. I was ordered to Send out a Comm link to all near by ships to redirect them to the nearest star base, informing them that we were on lock down. I also assisted with checking LCARS logs and communication logs for information on the attacks. I was ordered to send a copy of our logs to Starfleet command at Nimbus.

I had some comm links from the Captains of other ships wanting to know why we were on lock down an if they could help. Then, not that long after that, I got a message for a ship freighter ship requesting emergency clearance to land. The Freighter was unexpected fired on by a shuttle craft leaving the system in great haste, The attack damaged their ability to control the ship and they could not change course. They were on an collision course with the station going at warp 2 and could not stop Commander Randt sent out a team in a runabout to try to slow the ship down. He also had the station raise shields and lock weapons onto the freighter's warp engines, just in case they can't stop it in time. I managed communications with the freighter. I found out how many were on board and obtained other information from them that we needed to assist them with this emergency. I also contacted with medical and told them to be on stand by just in case we needed them with this freighter that was coming in. The freighter noticed that we had taken a weapons lock on them, and expressed their alarm. I assured the that it was just a last resort if we had to disable their engines to stop them, and that we had no intention of destroying their ship.


Individual Log: Secondary Operations Officer (guest)
Position During Mission: Secondary Operations, Transporters

I came on shift a good eight hours or so after docking the San Pedro back in the Tranquility. I was in charge of tasking other officers to continue the external search of the Starbase; in rotational shifts of one hour per sortie; so to cut down possible missed items due to potential loss of concentration. Unfortunately there was not much in the way of additional information found.

the station seemed to be in a pretty bad shape, and is still in lock down. Engineering's repair teams seem to be working around the clock to fix the damage caused. I'd been asked to launch a few more runabouts for scan purposes. Both for damage surveillance, and acting as our eyes and ears whilst the sensors were down.

A freighter, the Tymac, reported in an emergency situation and had requested clearance to land. They had been fired upon by a shuttle on an escape course at high speed... likely our saboteurs. they were on a near collision course at warp two.

We were engaged in multiple ways of avoiding collision; I had been tasked to prepare tractor emitters to push the freighter out of its heading, as well as lock on the life signs using the Transporters. We weren't sure how it would end; it could very well end in disaster, for the Freighter, worst-case. I worked with Commander Howley, who was aboard one of the shuttles, preparing to 'bounce' the transporter signal in order to bring all 25 crew aboard the Tranquility. Other plans included bringing it to sublight speeds, and tractoring them to Pylon Three, meeting with a security team. I recommended putting up a high-security lockout to the computers that the crew may come into contact with, post-dock or beam in, just in case one of them were involved with the saboteurs.

Tactical had painted a lock with the stations defensive array; however, we had located something unusual; a cloaked signature. this turned out to be another bomb. EOD was assigned to retrieve the device, which they had done.

In the meantime, some of the runabouts were redirected to assist Commander Howley in 'roping in' the stricken freighter; modified probes were to be launched in order to fill in any gaps left behind in our 'security' grid.

We did manage to get the freighter back under control and docked. Hopefully we will soon found out more about the rogue shuttle.



It was a busy day and the operations team did an outstanding job of maintaining order in the midst of chaos. Thanks to the quick thinking and hard work of the operations team, we were able to play a significant role to help prevent two crises.

There is still a lot of work to do to get the station back to “normal,” as the damage from the attacks was severe. But we seem to be past the worst of it and are making good progress on restoring the station. We expect things to be back “in order” soon.


In Service
LT Tess Tison, Chief Of Operations,
LT LeighAnn Mantis, Operation Officer,
LTjg Piper Hagel, Operations Officer