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110302 - The Restoration

Posted: 110302.2222
by Kinney Randt
Tranquility Staion Log, Stardate 110302

With Lt Commander Brent Darkwyr and his team working with our guest Kendra on where she came from and why she left there, I joined Dr Tai Galacia at the tranquility Transporter room for her to perform her magic, changing me back to my original age after being aged prematurely by the radiation I was exposed to when the El Tajin went through that wormhole. With the radiation still causing rapid aging, and my age now being close to 90, it needs to happen now before it's too late.

110302 - The Restoration

Posted: 110302.2244
by Kinney Randt
Crew Manifest

CO Cmdr Kinney Randt

CMO Cmdr Tai Galacia
Medical Officer Ens Hermione Highwater

Vice Head of Science Lt Cmdr Garethya Mongrain
Science Officer Ens ScottyBrit Resident

Chief of Security Lt Cmdr Brent Darkwyr
Security Officer Ens Siobhan Crystal
Security Officer Ens Jamie Czavicevic

Operations Officer Ens Tess Tison

110302 - The Restoration

Posted: 110302.2249
by Kinney Randt
To: Cmdr Kinney Randt, CO, SS Tranquility
From: Tess Tison, Op Officer, SS Tranquility

Stardate: 110302
Mission Name: The Restoration

Today was the day where we did the Transporter Buffer Patten merge project to restore Commander Randt to his correct chronological age. Dr Galicia led the project, but I had the technical lead as the one who actually developed and tested the algorithm. We headed to the transporter room where we set up a thorough monitoring system. I took the main transporter console, Dr Galicia set up on an axillary console to monitor the commander's memory matrix, and Science was on the primary console monitoring everything else. Once everyone was ready to go, I explained about the the 5 to 10 minute processing period where the transporter would merge the old and new pattern buffers into the correct sequence. Then we began. It was jarring to watch the commander disappear, as we were not 100% sure we would see him again. The process ended up taking 7 minutes. It felt like an eternity, but as we monitored it, everything seemed to be going perfectly. Finally the buffer pattern merge completed and I was able to rematerialize his pattern. And to my delight, the normal 29 year old commander Randt stood before us. He was a bit disorientated from the process, but that was to be expected.

Doctor Galicia had me transport the commander to sickbay, where she did a thorough exam. She pronounced the procedure a success and released the commander to “rest”. Of course, the commander does not know the meaning of the word rest, and immediate called a meeting for science and ops to him on the situation regarding our visitor seeking refuge. I was able to report that we had gotten a fix on the point of origin of the signal and now know how to locate Sr Cmdr Chou of Treilous III. The commander indicated that he would be sending the USS_Goddard to go visit them, so I volunteer to serve as Helmsman for that mission.

Re: 110302 - The Restoration

Posted: 110306.0909
by Tai Galicia
To: Cmdr Kinney Randt, CO, SS Tranquility
From: Tai Galicia, Chief Medical Officer, SS Tranquility
cc: Aryela Dagger, XO, SS Tranquility


Name: Tai Galicia
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Stardate: 110302

Mission Summary:

I encountered a malfunction of my communication equipment. Communications repair was not available. While I was troubleshooting the problem, the crew decided to proceed on their own with the planned medical procedure on Commander Randt. I joined them as soon as I was able to repair communications.

Ens Tison, Dr. Highwater, Ens Skot Resident, Commander Mongrain and I accompanied Commander Randt to the Tranquility transporter.

Ens Tison performed a last diagnostic of the transporter system and locked out incoming signals. Commander Randt was fit with a brain wave monitor and took his place on the PADD. Commander Randt's pattern was dematerialized, held in the buffer, and reintegrated with DNA on record. Science and Ops monitored the procedure for any anomolies. After 10 minutes, Commander Randt rematerialized on the PADD.

Preliminary exam showed that the Commander was aware of who and and where he was. His memories were intact. He did experience some dizziness and confusion which Ensign Tison reported was expected.

Commander Randt was transported to sickbay by Dr. Highwater. There a full compartive scan was performed. He was administered 5cc of Acetolythin to stabilize his neural pathways. After time to rest, Commander Randt was released from sickbay with orders to return for exam the next day.

Later, Doctor Highwater and I were summoned to the Security deck where the rest of the crew were holding meetings. We were unable to get information on what the medical emergency was and returned to sickbay.

After the crew finished their meetings, they went to the lounge for a party with Commander Randt. Dr. Highwater was unfamiliar with the station, so I showed her where the lounge was. We sat and talked for a bit. After a while, a member of the crew invited Dr. Hightwater to join the party. :) I returned to sickbay.

Re: 110302 - The Restoration

Posted: 110316.1814
by Aryela Dagger