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The Interview

Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.

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Cipher Rhode
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Major Chris Rhode sat back in his chair, looking at the two Section 31 officers that looked back at him. He smiled at them, giving them hope that maybe, just maybe, after hearing the sterling recommendations of those he's fought alongside with in the Regular Fleet and with the Corps that he would take the offer that S31 hopes he won't refuse.

Chris looked to them and broke their hearts saying, "No."

Commander Ethan Burgess tried to keep a straight face, but Chris knew deep down he was caught off-guard. His left raised eyebrow gave it away. "What do you mean, no, Major?"

"From what you're telling me Burgess, you're asking me to take the lead on a war that, for all intensive purposes, you already frakking lost."

"But we haven't even started to take to the offensive, Cipher, that's why..."

Chris cut him off as he leaned in, "That's why you already lost." Chris looked to VanZyl, "Look honey, I don't know what you see in this guy, but I recommend that you go ahead and put in for 100% disability retirement. Blue Gill syndrome ain't no fun, especially PASD (Post-Assimilation Stress Disorder). Not only are you guys stuck with trying to clean up a mess that Starfleet made EVEN WORSE by epically failing to cover up their frak-up, but you got an entire cabal of temporal terrorists on the loose, half the Gamma Quadrant that's on the WORST K-White bender I have ever seen in my life, and to top it all off, you got ANOTHER temporal terrorist that you can neither confirm is dead or alive, even in this time period, and you have NO clue where she is, even if she's alive or not! So no, Burgess, I'm not going to be your fall guy for your mess!"

Burgess finally threw up his hands in surrender, "Alright, alright, you win. Though, I do ask that you hear me out."

Cipher starts to stand from his chair. "You've wasted enough of my time Burgess. You made your bed, now go frak yourself and lie in it. I'm outta here."

Cipher started to make his way to the door until Burgress uttered, "What about your duty?"

Cipher stopped in mid-stride and turned to him. "Duty? What frakking duty? Sitting on the sidelines, trying to run down cold cases just so I can be away when dignitaries come around? Yeah, I got that to go back to. And I would still bang their hot female attendees all night long. By the way VanZyl, invitation is still open."

VanZyl only scoffed and looked away, only to hide her blushing face of guilt as she has actually considered his brazen, confident offer previously.

"What makes you think that just because even my brother, the Intel Section Chief, gave you his, as you say, 'sterling' recommendation, for this crapshow that I would even take this job? Don't you guys have your own shooters and shiznit? You're Section 31. You thought of this. Right?"

VanZyl looked to Cipher and said, "No we don't and no we didn't. You read the history PADDs. The Federation-Klingon war was as bloody as they come. We are still trying to decipher what tactics they used from the logs we recently discovered and somewhat recovered."

Cipher soon saw himself being led back to his original chair and saying, "Go on..."

VanZyl continued, "What we have determined as that these Klingons are far different from those we have faced throughout Federation history. They were diverse, yet unified. They used many tactics, but yet used them in concert. As we studied them, one name started to come back up in our subspace comms slicing. Mo'Kai."

Cipher's interested now started to peak. "House Mo'Kai? They were wiped out back in '89."

"Yes, they were," Burgess piped up, "but they are rebuilding, or at least, trying to."

Chris sat back in his chair. "Alright, you should give VanZyl a promotion. She saved this interview just in time. What's the job?"

Burgess reached to his right side, taking a hold of a PADD that sat on his desk and passed it to Cipher, giving him a moment to open and read the dossier before he began. "House Peg'h came across Intel that J'Ula is or might be on her way to Nimus III. Normally they would pursue her, but they are concerned that if any of their own people are made, it would start a civil war which the Empire is not prepared for, nor cannot afford to fight, let alone have."

Cipher nodded in understanding. "So, I go in, stake the place out for a few days. If she shows up, render her harmless?"

"Yes," Burgess says hesitantly.

"And no," VanZyl finishes. "Agents Daniels and Cray are still working to see if J'Ula being rendered harmless in certain ways would affect the timeline. They haven't reported back yet."

"Well well, S31 is actually playing ball with another department? I'm actually surprised for once," Cipher says.

"And that's where you come in Major. You are not a normal officer, let alone a normal man. You, like Captain Paris, has a strange affinity for 20th and 21st century Earth history and cultures. Your personality, mannerisms, even your social skills are, as your Fitness Report says, unique."

"Cheese and crackers Burgess, get your tongue out of my behind, I'll take the job."

"Of course you do know..."

Cipher cut him off quicky, "Yeah yeah, deniable ops. If I get caught or killed, all that Bee-Ess."

"Not what I was going to say, Major."

"Alright, then say it."

"You can..."

Cipher snapped up at him and said, "SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!" He then smiled as his sudden scare tactic worked to make Burgess and VanZyl flinch. "Hehehe, gotcha!"

"Very funny," Burgess said, trying to regain his composure. "Anyway, you would have full freedom and autonomy to do what you need to do to finish this mission."

"Freedom and autonomy up until it makes you frown, right?" Cipher says to check Burgess.

"Not exactly. You see Major, this comes from high up. Much, much higher than myself and my colleague."

Cipher raised an eyebrow. "Whatcha talkin' bout Burgess?"

Burgess dropped another PADD in front of Cipher. On its screen, it had the logo of SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION. Cipher looked up at Burgess. "Is this?"

"Yes Major. It is quite legitimate, but not official. Your Commandant kept this idea on the shelf, just in case worse comes to worse. He made some tweaks here and there of course. But considering the threats at this time, the Intelligence Committee on the Council approved it."

Cipher scratched his chin, "And this is... me? All mine, off the books?"

"As far off the books as you want it."

Cipher grinned and said, "Well Burgess, take me down to Paradise City."

"Paradise City? On Nimbus III?"

"Of course, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty," he says with a wink to VanZyl.

Burgess thought for a moment, and then rolled his eyes as he just understood the reference. "Oi, won't you please take me home?" he said in annoyance.
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