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Approved Promotions and Awards - July 2018

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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Kermie Mistwallow
Command - Rear Admiral
Command - Rear Admiral
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Ship/Station Posted: Headquarters
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Greetings All,

Please Join us on Saturday 28th July at 12:00SLT on the Ceremony Deck of Peedy Thor Station to congratulate and support our members listed below.


Mironat Resident - Lieutenant
RuaelleLionheart Resident - Commander
Bit0honey Resident - Commander
Kinney Randt - Rear Admiral



Poison Toocool
Knightspet Resident
Kermie Mistwallow
3249Rowena Resident
LeighAnn Mantis
Jackray Toocool
Lizzy Gracemount
Aadazriamel Resident
Archi Merlin
Colin Nemeth
Evelyn Rieko
Lucius Wylder
Talena Constantine
Jamie Czavicevic
Jorden Allen
WilliamH Greymoon
Wraith Fride
KemVala Resident
Sodamma Resident


Kem Vala - Ensign
Kassian001 Resident - Ensign
Pyro Blazewood - 2nd Lieutenant
Lei Hanfoi - LT. Commander


Superintendents Award
aadazriamel Resident

ADP Associates Degree
Knightspet Resident

ADP Bachelor of Medical
aadazriamel Resident

ADP Masters in Xenology
Ishan Broek

OCTS Ribbon
Sodamma Resident
Lei Hanfoi

COCTS Ribbon
Colin Nemeth
Rear Admiral Kermie Mistwallow
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
Director | Promotions & Awards
Wiki Content Manager
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Kressler Constantine
UFSMC - Major General
UFSMC - Major General
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Congratz all!!
Major General Kressler Constantine
UFS Inspector General

Service Jacket: http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... onstantine
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Nora Gerhadsen
Command - Commodore
Command - Commodore
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Ship/Station Posted: USS Maxwell
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Congratulations everyone!
Commodore Nora Gerhadsen
Commanding Officer, USS Maxwell NCC-21873
Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
aadazriamel Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian
Posts: 76
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Duty Post: Medical
Ship/Station Posted: SS Peedy Thor
Grid: Second life
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Congratulations everyone
First Officer Peedy Thor
Chief of Staff to the UFS Chief of Communications
Associates Degree. Bachelors Degree in Medical. Primitus CGSD.
Participant in CGSD Secondus
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AndromedaStJohn Aeon
Security - Commodore
Security - Commodore
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On behalf of the crew of PRS, congrats to everyone.

Commodore St. John
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Aryela Dagger
Command - Commodore
Command - Commodore
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Ship/Station Posted: USS Veracruz
Grid: Second Life Grid
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Congratulations to everyone (but a slightly biased extra congratulations to nearly-Admiral Randt)!
Access Service Jacket
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knightspet resident
Security - Lt Commander
Security - Lt Commander
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Thank You Everyone for the Congrats
Vice Chief Security Officer USS Taylorholic Durant
Yeoman to the Director of Academy Continuing Education
ADP Advisor
Associates Degree, Bachelor Degrees in Security and Science
WilliamH Greymoon
Medical - Commander
Medical - Commander
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Ship/Station Posted: U.S.S Monarch
Grid: Second Life Grid, Star Trek On
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Congratylation to all
Cmdr. WilliamH Greymoon
Executive Officer
U.S.S Monarch

Alpha Company Graduate 110104 Medical
Honor Guard
Co-Builder, 'Best in Theme' UFS Sci Fi Con Booth 2017

OCTS - 150601
COCTS - 150409
CGSD Primus - 160928
CGSD Secondus - 170905
Associates Degree: 171127

Access Service Jacket
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Intelligence - Lieutenant
Intelligence - Lieutenant
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Congratulations to everyone for recognition of hard work!
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