Approved Promotions and Awards October 2017

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Greetings All,

Please join us on Saturday 28th October to celebrate and Congratulate the following recipents of Promotions and Awards.


David7 Bravin - Fleet Captain
Archi Merlin - Brevet Rank of Commander
Kinney Randt - Brevet Removal and permananet Rank of Commodore


Evelyn Rieko - Shooting Star
Zania Turner - Data Award
Lucius Wylder - Commendation for Dedication to Duty
Jordan Allen - Commendation for Creativity
Cheryl Skinstad - Commendation for Attention to Duty

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Congratulations to all.
Fleet Captain Azdra Portland
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Urul Yven
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Congratulations to everyone, Well desserved.:)
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Congrats to all and nice work!
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