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Admiral's Banquet 2016 - Approved Awards August 2016

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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azdra resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


The following members were issued awards at the Admiral's Banquet held on 160827.

Congratulations on all the hard work.

Commendation for Distinguished Service
Flip Thatcher
Michel Farrell

Personal Achievement Awards
Order of Andoria 1st Class
Andromeda St John
Azdra Hartman
Jim Bomazi
Lizzy Landfall
Tirza (Treardon Resident)

Order of Babel 1st Class
Azdra Hartman

Order of Babel 3rd Class
Daeclaed Brogdram (Selenmoira Resident)

Order of Cardassia 1st Class
Herbert Glenfadden
Jayce Rebel
Nabuleone Rhode
Piper John

Order of Ferenginar 1st Class
Azdra Hartman
Lizzy Landfall

Order of Bajor 1st Class
David7 Bravin
Emilie Chardin

Order of Bynaus 1st
Emilie Chardin

Order of Cait 1st Class
Ishan Broek

Order of Qo'noS 3rd Class
WilliamH Greymoon

Roleplay and Achievement Awards
Combat Service Ribbon
AsianPearl Resident
Herbert Glenfadden
Jackray Toocool
Josh Eun
Kondrad Hyland
Marc Seven
Ruaelle Lionheart
Safiya Reah (safiyareah resident)
Shadow McConach
Vardasilver Spearsong
Xiang77 Resident

Leonard H. McCoy Achievement Ribbon -
John Sheppard-McKay (jon nielsen)
Rodney McKay Sheppard (rodneymmckay resident)

LaForge Award-
Cyrillian Guardian

Jeffries Award-
Ponce Zapatero

Golden Heart-
Breydon Lane
Morath Landfall

Omega Cross-
Ruaelle Lionheart

Defense Distinguished Service Medal -
Kyle Asbrink

Karagite Order of Heroism-
Mackenzie Godric

Chekov Award of Dedication-
Kristoff Jameson

Spock Ribbon of Science-
Candi Quick

Medical Cross-
Luke Spiritweaver

Prim Award –
Azdra Hartman
Mina Landfall
Talas Shran (Jamie Czavicevic)

Scripting Achievement Award -
Xiang77 Resident

Distinguished Service and Merit Awards
Executive Action Award
Rodney McKay Sheppard (rodneymmckay resident)
KarlFlo Resident
John Sheppard-McKay (jon nielsen)
Jayce Rebel
Herbert Glenfadden
David7 Bravin
bit0honey Resident

Prestigious Service Award
AsianPearl Resident
Emilie Chardin
Jim Bomazi
Lizzy Landfall
Scottybrit Resident
Suzie Setsuko
Sytia Shran (evergreenmoss resident)
Talas Shran (Jamie Czacicevic)

Bronze Star
Archi Merlin
Daniel Jackson

Rising Star
Bit0Honey Resident
Jayce Rebel
Ravyn Stormchild (stormchyld2 resident)

Distinguished Service Cross
Azdra Hartman
Eddie Hagoromo
Genny7 Markus
Lizzy Landfall

Federation Star
April Coswell
Indy Firelight
Rodney McKay Sheppard (rodneymmckay resident)
Suzie Setsuko

Legion of Honor
Fred McCellan
Maddox Underwood
Poison Toocool
Suzie Setsuko

Legion of Merit
Aryela Dagger
Asianpearl Resident
Emilie Chardin
Karl Quar
Mina Landfall

Medal of Honor
Kressler Constantine
Nora Gerhadsen
Kinney Randt
Emilie Chardin

Order of the Shining Star
Cheryl Skinstad
AndromedaStJohn Aeon

Andrea Reid Medal of Service
Azdra Hartman

Annual, Yearly Awards
William T. Riker Award – Azdra Hartman

James T. Kirk Award – Nora Gerhadsen

Alynna Nechayev Award – Maddox Underwood

Picard Award - Rodney McKay Sheppard

Benjamin Sisko Award – Emilie Chardin

Miles O'Brien Award – RebelV

Rookie of the Year - Jayce Rebel

Ship of the Line Recognition of Excellence – USS Maxwell

Shakedown Recognition of Excellence – USS Thunderbird

UFS Meritorious Unit Citation – USS Thunderbird
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