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Approved Awards March 2016

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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Selenmoira Resident
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UFS Civilian
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The following fine Crewmen and Officers earn our respect for their continously work and action for our organization. To honor their hard work we granted the following awards:

Jamie Czavecik Cascadia award

Suzie Setsuko 1621 The Prim Awarde Thunderbird.

Suzie Setsuko 1629 Scripting Achievement Award

danyeljackson resident 1848 Shooting Star

Azdra - Order of the Shining Star

Maddox – Legion of Merit

Kinney and Poison - Federation Star

Kressler - Legion of Merit

Kyle Ashbrink and LeighAnn Mantis - Distinguished Service Cross

Plank Owner Badge:
Maddox Underwood
Cordova Marabana
Rosine Heinkel
Cheryl Skinstad
MarcSeven Lubitsch
Duck Chesnokov
Ishan Broek
Piper John
BenjaminBalan2 Resident

The following member where honored for ther duty at the scifi fair 2016.

Standing TALL award
Marc Seven
Kressler Constantine
John Sheppard-Mckay
Rodney McKay-Sheppard
Daniel Jackson
Candi Quick
Maddox Underwood
Cordova Marabana
Sytia Shran
Ishan Broek
Gijsjan Broek
Josh Eun
Marie Lawson Calhoun
Wolfton Thrasher
Taurik Xarik
Kyle Ashbrink
Penney Lancaster
Leighanne Mantis
Andromeda St John
WilliamH Greymoon
San Diavolo
Madah Magic
Jackray tocool

Order of Pinastri: Awarded to persons not affiliated with UFS who stood beside UFS members in their time of need

12th Fleet
John T Hartman
Turo Sutlar

Starfleet Galactic
Steve Atlanta

Corax Command
Diamond Frostmane
Aaron Blaser

Starfleet Renessance
Aimee Sellers
Kira Skytower


Star Trek Brazil (USS Venture)
Marcelo Parin
Nathy Dax

Other members with no affiliation that I could see.

Chrissy Dehner
Benjamin Balan

All UFS members who did not abandon UFS during its time of need will also receive the PINASTRI Loyalty Award

All UFS Ships who did not abandon the Fleet during its time in need will also receive the Pinastry Loyalty Award

Congratulation Ladys, and Gentlemen. Well done.

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